Sunday, January 7, 2007

Kooky's Monthly Mini Swap

Hey everyone! As you may have read inone of my thursday 13 entry (#12 to be precise), I am aiming for a Monthly Mini Swap.

What's that?

Well, it's called a mini swap beause there will be only 5-8 items in the package that you will send out to whoever your partner/s will be. I'm also thinking of having a theme for each swap to make it more fun and exciting.

I've had some people say that they are interested in joining. So if you are, please leave a comment here (so we can have a headcount of sorts) AND email me at kayinanutshell at gmail dot com.

Possible themes that I've thought of so far:
  1. animal swap (everything in it would have some cute animal accent or be an animal, like a cat notepad or a hippo eraser)
  2. postcard swap
  3. bookmark swap
  4. floral swap (everything flowery and fruity)
  5. tourist swap (I'll send things only found in my country, something made in my country, or something that my country is famous in making)
  6. pattern swap (anything that can be created using a pattern, could be cross stitch, a paper craft thing ...)
  7. recipe swap complete with pictures
  8. knick knack swap (accessories, fancy earrings, pins, brooches, trinkets, anything cute and cheap ... sort of flea market finds)
Any more suggestions? I'll be waiting. *giggles with excitement*

HELP: I am so not graphically talented so if any of you are good with creating logo's, can you make me one for this project? I'll give you credit and uhm, something in the mail. PLEASE?

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