Sunday, January 7, 2007

Kooky's Monthly Mini Swap: Foodies

* updated! 1.8.07

KMMS: January - Foodies

So I have 5 people who have said that they are interested in joining. All in all I would have 6 including me. I promise that I will have it out on the date that its supposed to be out. Cross my heart!

So here are the rules. You are to put together 5-8 items in a box and all 5-8 items should be related to food. It could be any of the following:

  1. food stickers
  2. cookbooks
  3. recipes with pictures
  4. food magnet
  5. food stuff toy
Anything as long as it concers food. So there, that's a really wide array of things and I'm sure that it will be so much fun.

Here's the list of the people who are included in this swap.

  1. GrayMama
  2. Rachel
  3. Incog & Nito
  4. Laughing Muse
  5. Judy
  6. Kooky Kay
I just need you guys to email me your Name, Address, City and State, Country, Blog Url, and Email so that I can pair you up.

Cool? Email me ASAP. kayinanutshell at gmail dot com. Deadline is January 10 for the email so that we can pair you up by January 11 and have everything sent by January 20.


Incog & nito and I are partners.
Rachel and Graymama are partners as well.
Still waiting for Judy and Laughing Muse. =)

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