Wednesday, January 31, 2007

quickie dates

love ko to means lovin' it
I love quickie dates. Well, not really. I still prefer the long ones over a romantic or cozy dinner, where you can take the time to eat your food and carry on a real conversation. What I love about a quickie date is actually the essence of it. To me, it means that though hubby and I are both busy juggling work and time with the tornado, we still try to make time for each other. It may be a quick bite at McDonald's, like the one we had earlier. It lasted for about 30 minutes but still, we were able to spend time together. Just us and no one else.

Do you have one of those quicky dates as well?
Tornado Tales

I have a small treasure box where I keep recipes I cut off from boxes and cans. The tornado was playing with it and so I told him to not rip it apart and give the box back to me. Guess what he did? He did give me the box, but not before he took out all the contents and put them on the floor.

Smart ass.

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