Tuesday, January 23, 2007

nuninuninuninuninuninu ....

I’m so sorry. I’m still alive. I’ve just been swimming against so many things and my dial up at home is just so messed up I actually spent an hour trying to log in to blogger. Seriously. It is so insane. I’m gonna have DSL soon so I will be back to normal.


The KMMS will still push through. Any suggestions for Feb aside from the usual love theme? Get your creative juices flowing people. Comment people! Email me.

My new job is a bit exciting. The training we’ve had so far a bit boring since it’s all about the company’s history. Believe me. This company is old. Think 1865 old. Yep, that old. It’s a bank by the way. I’m working for the bank’s back office so we’re handling all credit card concerns. Can’t tell you which bank though so we’ll just call it THE BANK. Lol!

The tornado is 1 year and 6 months old now. He’s fond of climbing out of things such as his high chair and his playpen which makes everything crazy. We cannot leave him even for a second now coz he’s like a monkey, very fast in climbing. It’s tiring! He’s still bubbly and always smiling, really the light of our life.

I’ve encountered some crazy associates at work. You know what I mean, the so called power trippers. They thought I was one of them so they give me the act and become all catty but soon as they learn I’m one of the bosses, they become all nice and almost snakelike in their slithering. Pretty nasty if I may say so.

I miss you all and I hope that even if blogger won’t let me upload pics, it would at least let me post.

Mwah! Give me a holler if you still love me coz I love y’all. I will visit and comment when I get DSL.

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