Sunday, January 28, 2007

munimuni # 16

I was not able to blog last week because my dial up was conking out on me. If you notice, I ALREADY HAVE MY DSL! WHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bouncing off the walls now*

So I'll be summing up my weekend reflection for last week and this week. And I can tell you, it's all good stuff. As they say, if you had a bad week, you will surely have a good week after. What comes down must go up.
1) I have transferred to THE BANK and its great ... finally good to be back to the structureed world where everyone actually knows what they are supposed to do and where progress is everywhere.

2) I've finished my first week of training and I passed with flying colors. Was able to listen to some calls, attend some meetings, and get a feel of how the workplace is.

3) Info overload. I loved it! After 16 months of not working my mind out too much, this felt really good.

4) People seem to be nice so far. There are of course the resident jerks but mostly, really nice people.
5) I am still able to spend time with the tornado. We even have some tornado tales waiting to be posted.
6) Hubby has been very supportive at work.

7) I got some blogging love from Vader's Mom (the frame) and more blogging love from Graymama. These two women are just so wonderful. Very amazing women.

8) Hubby sent out my KMMS to Incog & Nito. I hope she will be able to use what I sent her. It's not much but it did take me some time to think of them and I really hope she will like it. I also sent out a surprise pack to one of my dear readers.
9) Rural Mama and I are doing a paper swap as well. I have all the papers in here now and will just need to find time to mail it. I hope she will love them as well. I'm sending her differnt sized papers and all of them have different designs. I think I have over 25pieces. Is that enough?

10) I was also able to spend shopping time with my Mom. We got 2 pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of slacks for only Php1000. That's about $20.

11) My MIL is the sweetest thing. When she found out I was going out to buys make up, she gave me her stash of brand new branded make up. I am now the proud owner of Lancome, L'Oreal, and Estee Lauder make ups. Whohooo!

12) We all have good health, are still together, and expecting some new additions to the family. A cousin's wife will soon give birth. Please pray for a safe delivery to both mother and child.
13) I HAVE DSL!!!!

How was your week?

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