Wednesday, September 20, 2006

too many wounds ...

This is a series of love stories that happened to me. Enjoy the stories. Laugh and cry with me .. learn lessons ... and always remember that you should never give up on love, no matter how many times you got hurt.

College was pretty memorable stage for me. I learned to grow up here a lil bit and fall in love again. So, let’s start shall we?
I met KM in class. We sat next to each other because our last names started with M and N respectively. He was ugly. Boy, was he ugly. He had wide eyes and really dark skin. No redeeming factor at all physically. But I valued what was inside more than appearances so I started having a crush on KM. He was the only guy in our college barkada. There were 6 of us and he was the only thorn.
He treated me like I was special. It was only me who got it from him too. He’d carry my bag and books, he’d walk me to the library, and wait with me until the driver picked me up. When other girls in our group would ask him to do something, he’d refuse flat out.
So I thought I was special.
One day, while sitting under one of those lil huts in our school waiting area, we started singing. He has this really nice voice that caresses. We were singing “Ikaw Lamang” which is all about loving only one person and how heavenly it felt to do so. I was in heaven. I thought it was for me. Then he said that it was the song he would always sing to his ex.
WTF?!?! Am I always gonna fall for someone who is not over his ex?!?!?!
But I remained calm and composed though my heart shattered into teeny tiny lil pieces. I wanted to scream at him … I wanted to cry … I wanted to die out of sheer embarrassment …
I didn’t.
I asked him how things were between them and if they were going to get back together. He said he was trying to but she didn’t want to. Then my driver came and the conversation ended.
I cried all the way home. I felt that he led me on. He got my hopes up and then just crushed it without any remorse. Next day I saw him I was a bit cold. I didn’t talk much to him and started hanging out with his childhood best friend, J. J knew how much I was into KM and he comforted me. He became my boulder, the one I leaned on for comfort.
I was learning to get over KM when we had a recollection. During that recollection, there was a sharing of talents. Now, our entire block knew that something happened between us, that somehow, someway, there was a love lost. So they decided that we would sing together. Guess what song we had to sing?
You Won’t See Me Crying by Passage. Eeekkk!
They pulled out two chairs in the middle of the room and we both sat there with our backs facing each other. I started singing and you could feel the tension in the room.
Waited by the phone all day
Thinkin' that you'd call
But you never did, oh no
You are diff'rent from before
Now you made me insecure
Like you never did, oh no
Tell me it's not over now, will you?
So I won't be hangin' around
And you won't see me crying
Oh, girl, you've got it wrong
You've been thinking all along
But I've really changed, oh babe
Love's been knockin' at your door
Do you hear it?
Do you really, really care?
Tell me it's not over now, will you?
So I won't be hangin' around
And you won't see me crying
Thankfully, I did not cry. I wanted to but I didn’t. We didn’t talk after that incident. But two weeks after, he asked me to go watch a movie with him during our U-Break. We were gonna watch Notting Hill. I had nothing to do so I agreed.
For those who’ve watched Notting Hill, you’ll know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t, shame on you, it’s a really nice movie.
At the end of the film, during the presscon that Anna had, William asked her to get back together. Of course she does and they kissed and everyone else who was inlove started kissing. I was feeling giddy and so I turned to KM to tell him that it was so romantic when he kissed me right smack on the lips.
to be continued ...

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