Sunday, September 10, 2006

did you VOTE philippines?

Watching the 12 girls last night perform for the Philippine Idol honor was ho-hum at best. There were only a few stand out performances while most simply left much to be desired. It was painful hearing them not because they could not carry a tune but simply because their choice of song was either too ordinary or too WTF? Some of them chose songs that the masses cannot relate to, hence, screwing their votes. Some of them chose songs that were too high pitched, they just fell flat. Then again, Jan Nieto did make it eventhough his was the first PIYOK of Philippine Idol.

So who are my bets now?

Definitely POW. And I'm even giving her a vote. I want her to get in and this is one way I could think of to help her. So, if you want someone different and very talented with a charming face to boot, vote for her.

I also liked Mau and Arms. So vote for them as well. They deserve every peso spent on them.

* I don't know her personally nor even online but I just like her voice and her style.

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