Friday, September 22, 2006

too many wounds part 2

This is a series of love stories that happened to me. Enjoy the stories. Laugh and cry with me .. learn lessons ... and always remember that you should never give up on love, no matter how many times you got hurt.

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. My eyes grew wide and my mouth was just hanging open. He said that he realized the he loves me and asked if I felt the same way. I thought I did so we gave it a chance.
All this time, J was falling for me but KM didn’t know it. I did. When we told him that we were together, he looked so pained that I wanted to wrap my arms around him. He said that as long as I was happy, he would be too.
Things weren’t too good with KM though. We’d always fight about petty things. Always. I got sick and tired of it. I realized that I didn’t love him anymore. I just felt pity, pity and the need to seek revenge for what he did to me at first (remember, he led me on?)
So I did.
I turned the tables on him by leading him on, making him believe that I still loved him. He knew something was wrong. He kept asking why I wasn’t sweet anymore. He’d sing Water Runs Dry by the Boys II Men to me in class while we’re waiting for our teacher. But I was beyond all the wooing.
5 days after our first monthsarry, I broke up with him. It felt good, seeing him pained. I got back at him for hurting me without reason.
Do I regret hurting him? At times. But when I think about it, I believed that I thought him a lesson.
Obviously, we shouldn’t have hanged out after that incident. Weird enough, we did. It would always be us with some friends and J.
J, who would comfort me and remind me that I did what I felt I needed to do. J, who was torn between trying to patch things up between KM and me and him courting me. I guess his feelings for me won in the end which resulted into the end of their 15 year friendship.
So he courted me. He asked permission from KM and KM reluctantly agreed. I didn’t like him at first. He was too small and bulky. He was not so good looking IMO. But he was also patient, understanding, and treated me like a queen. He seemed to get me, my needs, my insecurities, my fears.
So after sometime, we hooked up. KM drifted away because he still loved me and J was his childhood best friend. Unbeknownst to us, we were tagged as Beauty and the Beast. I’m beauty, J was the beast. Talk about meanness.
It was a good relationship. We rarely fought and he would always go with me wherever I want to. He was proud of me and I met his entire family. We were together for a long time.
AS they say though, some good things never last. I got bored with the relationship. I felt it was just the same thing over and over again. I saw him every single day, even when we didn’t have classes. So I asked him one day if he felt the same way … that it was more of that we were used to being together than us wanting to be together. He said yes.
I bid him goodbye. Apparently, he lied. What I didn’t know was that he went to my place one time while I still had classes and he begged my Mom to help him get me back. He told my Mom that in his mind, I was THE ONE. I was the one he was going to marry and live the rest of his life with. My mom told him that she doesn’t involve herself in my relationships. He cried.
Still, even after we broke up, we would hang around and go out. He’d still take me home, buy my lunch, and go on dates with me. On the day that should have marked our second year anniversary, he asked me out. WE had breakfast together, watched a movie, had lunch, went shopping, had coffee, and he even got me a bouquet of flowers and one huge stuffed toy. It was a perfect date. Sadly, we weren’t together anymore.
Then he asked me to go back to him, to start over again …

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