Wednesday, September 27, 2006

breaking free

Isn't it funny that when we were still in school, it mattered so much to us that we be accepted by people? It may be a clique, the entire school, or by people we admire. Some of us would pretend to be someone we're not and say that it's alright to lose oneself as long as we get accepted by the people around us.

I myself went through this phase but luckily, only for a short time. I found it to be too tiring to continue pretending to be someone I'm not. It was just too much.

I have a high school friend who continued playing for keeps till his college years. Only now has he revealed his true identity, thus shocking everyone in our lil community. To you my friend, hat off and keep your head held high. Not everyone may love you now, but know that those who still do are the true ones.

What about you? Are you still playing for keeps or have you thrown away your masks?

P.S. Something to laugh at.

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