Linggo ng Wika 2011 (back to back)

It was a back to back celebration for K and B. Both of them celebrated Linggo ng Wika in one day.  It was a good thing K's was in the morning and B's was in the afternoon. Good for them, bad for me since I had to be up in the wee hours of the morning and stayed up till late afternoon.

It was worth every minute though. They were both gorgeous and fantastic. They both performed with gusto and I was a darn proud Mom and sister. :)

It was a day to remember. I'm glad I was there to witness it.

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  1. Gorgeous mom you are, Kay! :). I like that dress you wore. Is it coral or pink or orange? I wish I had something like that which is safe to wear on kids' school events. Oftentimes, I find myself underdressed :)

  2. A dress like this is always a safe choice diba? Wear a bolero and its decent na. Take it off and you're ready for a night out. :)

    It's actually RED hahahaha