guess I've been busy ...

I've always been the person who runs out of books to read. I finish reading one and then I  have to go off to NBS or a bookstore to get a new one.

I guess I have been pretty busy with life and what not because I just realized today when I was sorting my thingies that I have these many books that are waiting to be read ....

I counted and I have over 20 books but I am still wanting to get the following:

1. Game of Thrones series (all 5)
2. The Help
3. Something Borrowed
4. My Sisters Keeper
5. El Filibusterismo

I am a bookworm.

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  1. nakakatuwa yun number 5 sa list. Ganda ng blog mo. nakakatuwa. sana marami pang posts.

  2. Same here...just like what's written on your sidebar, I write better than I talk :) - Mirage

  3. me too!! pati "books to read" may pending ako (anobayan?) hehe.

    have a great week ahead.