Friday, May 19, 2023

Rex Education Leads Parents Webinars on Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education (ECE) signifies a crucial window of opportunity for children's cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. It covers the period when children rely highly on those around them and their surroundings. As they learn, discover, and explore the world, they need guidance from parents and educators who are well-equipped in early childhood development interventions or programs. 

To reinforce this, Rex Education launched its latest brand, Little Explorers. This is part of REX's initiative to draw attention to and increase understanding of the value of ECE. This project also gives educational institutions, parents, and learning partners a platform to hold insightful conversations and benefit from learning solutions suitable for early or young learners. 

As part of this endeavor, REX is leading a webinar series titled "Nurturing Our Little Explorers: Understanding the Essential Domains in Early Childhood Education." This series is an interactive virtual panel discussion for parents and learning companions at home to address early childhood care challenges. The series is divided into five –episodes, each with three parts: an introduction, a lecture, and a panel discussion with parents. Every episode features child experts and influencer parents who will lead the conversation on different ECE-related topics.

The webinar's first episode focuses on ECE's fundamentals and significance. As the title suggests, parents should not miss this window. The topics covered include the 0–4-year-old brain development window and the difference between early childhood care and development (ECCD) and early childhood education (ECE). The discussion also highlights how all six developmental domains of early childhood interconnect for a child's holistic development. 

The second episode, "Let's Get Moving and Thinking," delves deeper into a child's physical, motor, cognitive, and intellectual development. The talk focuses on the two domains, physical well-being, and intellectual development, how they are developed and enhanced at different phases, and how they are connected. Furthermore, the third installment of the series, "Say it, Feel it," focuses on a child's socio-emotional and language development. This segment tackles children's abilities to know themselves and the use of language to express and understand their feelings and relate with others.

The fourth episode emphasizes creativity and character development. A child must be nourished from an early age to think creatively, behave well, and be a person of high morals, and how the people around them are instrumental in guiding and helping them nurture their creativity and character.

The fifth and final episode, "Nurture Our Little Explorers!" summarizes everything discussed in the first four sessions. This episode also serves as a workshop for parents and learning partners on activities they can do at home to practice what they have learned.

Guiding children at an early age is not easy, yet its rewards are priceless. Supporting ECE programs is championing the future of children as successful lifelong learners. Through this webinar series, broadcasted and accessible on REX's YouTube channel at, REX embraces ECE and supports parents and learning partners as they fully navigate ECE.

The Little Explorers is a testament to REX's commitment to early childhood education.  The moment children learn to explore the world, the adventure of their lifelong learning begins. And every step of the journey, Rex Education offers quality learning solutions and materials.  To know more about Little Explorers and other REX solutions and services, visit  

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