Monday, May 1, 2023

Review of Bungalow Cafe and Bakery at Molito, Alabang

My brother invited M and me to eat with his friend at Bungalow Cafe and Bakery in Molito, Alabang. At first, I was hesitant because the place gave off this hip, trendsetter vibe which I've come to be wary of because most places like these are just aesthetic but the food is horrible. 

Thankfully, Bungalow Cafe and Bakery seem to be one of the exceptions to the rule. I started with the shake and this is the first time I saw a milkshake that actually overflowed. 

Bungalow MilkShake Mint Chip Php320

This Mint Chip was literally all over the place but in a good way. The chips are made of dark chocolate and it borders on bitter while the mintinesss was just right. It wasn't overpowering. I actually don't know if I like the fact that it overflows. The kiddie side of me loved it but the adult side of me was thinking "what a waste!" 

Bungalow Fruit Elderflower Soda Php220

This one reminded me of the drink Bizu always serves during events. It's super good and for some reason, when I drink this I feel healthier. Haha. I don't know why but it gives off that vibe. 


This fried chicken sandwich will definitely fill you up. It's massive and the fries that go with it just make this a perfect order for comfort food. Feel sad? Got your heart broken? This one is the one for you. 

For this one, you need to make sure that you are ordering FOR SHARING. I ordered this for myself and was so surprised to see that there were at least 4 pieces of chicken and 2 pcs of biscuits. This plate was pretty big and even with my appetite, it was too big for me. I did eat two by myself because it was really good. 

This was the real star of the show. If I were to be honest, I wish that I had ordered this for myself but I actually ordered this for my husband. This was SO GOOD! This was the kind of dish that I'd order an extra cup of rice for. This is definitely a must try. 

And the best way to end this dinner is with a cup of coffee plus this cinnamon roll that is just as good as Cinnabon in my opinion. 

I'd definitely recommend Bungalow Cafe and Bakery. The price point is just right, the serving is big, and the taste is on point. 

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