Tuesday, May 16, 2023

5 Ways to Declutter Sentimental Items

One of the hardest things to declutter is anything that has sentimental value. I should know. I've been trying to minimize the amount of clutter that I have that holds sentimental value to my family and me.

IT IS HARD. However, it is not impossible. So here are 5 decluttering tips for sentimental items. 

Create a memory box: If you find it difficult to part with certain sentimental items, consider creating a memory box. Select a small, designated box where you can keep a limited number of items that hold the most meaning to you. This allows you to preserve the memories without letting them overwhelm your living space.

Take photos or create digital copies: Sometimes the sentimental value of an item lies in the memories it represents rather than the physical object itself. In such cases, consider taking photographs or scanning important documents and mementos. By creating digital copies, you can reduce clutter while still retaining the memories associated with those items.

Create a "One Item Per Memory" rule: Instead of keeping multiple items that represent the same memory, challenge yourself to choose only one item to represent each significant memory. This forces you to prioritize and select the most meaningful item while reducing clutter.

Limit the sentimental space: Designate a specific area or container for sentimental items, such as a single shelf, a memory box, or a small storage bin. Allow yourself to keep sentimental items within that space and commit to not exceeding its capacity. When the space is full, you'll need to make thoughtful choices about what stays and what goes.  

Write a memory journal: If you find it challenging to part with physical items, consider writing about the memories associated with them in a dedicated journal. Describe the significance, emotions, and details of each memory. By capturing the essence of the sentimental items in writing, you can let go of the physical objects while preserving the memories.

Letting go is hard, especially when it involves things that normally have more meaning for us but sometimes, we have to let go so we can make room for something new, something better, and something that will make us happier. 

It doesn't mean that we forget about them. It just means that there's a better way to honor them. 

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