Monday, May 8, 2023

Review of Dazzle Me Lippies

Everyone who knows me knows that I love lipstick. I actually even have a hashtag #lipsticklovebyK showcasing the different lippies that I have tried and reviewed over the years.  There's just something about lippies that I fell in love with.

Imagine my excitement when I received these in the mail. 

The packaging alone dazzled me. It was on point with the branding which I really, really liked. 

I love personalized notes and this was one was one of the sweetest. 

TADA! Does that not make you feel giddy? I know that I gave a shriek of joy when I saw these. They're so pretty and dazzling.  

Here are the shades in order. Heartbeat, Encounter, Misty. Poppy, Rose Manor, and Dessert Sunset.  

In the Dazzle Me Pink Misty Matte Lip Cream series, I like Misty the most then Encounter next. If I'm going for the no-makeup look, it will be Heartbeat. 

The Dazzle Me Orange Misty Matte Lip Cream series came in Preppy Peach and Redtropolitan. I love the last one more. I'm really more of pink and red than orange hues. 

Initial feedback: There's a slight scent which I love. It doesn't bother me. It's also easy to put on, it feels matte but not dry like cement. This is where the misty part comes in because it's cream but again, it doesn't feel mushy or oily but it also doesn't feel like you have dry cement on your face. 

Wearability. It actually stayed on my lips for more than 8 hours, even when I ate and drank. I didn't need to retouch or put on more. 

Ease of taking off: Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to take off. Perhaps I used the right tools too? I don't know. I didn't struggle which was a good thing because it can be a hassle when you have to take off your lipstick and it takes more than 5 minutes to do so.

These are the Dazzle Me gloss lippies. I love the last shade the most. Again, pink kind of girl here haha. They're also not sticky which I am so happy about. 

This is me wearing Dessert Sunset. It is beautiful but I feel like the color made me look a bit old. Remember that not all shades will look good on a person because of our skin tone. 

For me, this is the best one in the Batch. Dazzle Me in Misty shade is a perfect dupe for Fenty's Stunna. Imagine having the same shade but for a fraction of the cost. I love it! 

You can reach them through their Dazzle Me IG Page and buy from Watsons, Robinson's, and Shopee

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