Monday, May 1, 2023

Review of Primo Skin Hydro Glow Skincare Line

Primo Skin is a skincare brand that hails from Cebu City. 


 They are a small, local business and they sent me these for review. As always, all opinions are my own. 


This is the Primo Skin Hydro Glow Facial Wash. This has Niacinamide which is good for hydrating and brightening and believe you me, IT WORKS! 

I wash my face with this and it's creamy and foamy. When you wash it off, you can actually feel your skin being cleansed and rid of impurities. Parang ang linis linis ng mukha mo.


Initially, I didn't like the Primo Skin Hydro Glow Toner coz I had a little bit of peeling on my face until my Mom explained to me that this was actually good because it meant that it was working. It was getting rid of my old skin. After a few days, grabe, Korean glass skin! I was glowing and looking younger.


I loved the Primo Skin Hydro Glow moisturizer because it was easily absorbed. No downtime at all. I placed it on my skin and it is just absorbed immediately. My skin feels more supple. 


I love the Primo Skin Hydro Glow sunscreen for the same reason. It is just easily absorbed and there is no white coat. I don't look like a geisha. 


As for the Primo Skin Hydro Glow body lotion, it has been years since I've liked a lotion. The last one was from Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus but since it's hard to find, I lost interest. 

This Primi Skin Hydro Glow Body Lotion changed things for me. After more than 10 years of not putting body lotion, I have started doing it after taking a bath. The formula of this is just right. Absorbent. Effective. Moisturizing. 

I'm definitely recommending this to family, friends, and readers. Here's the link to their IG for those who want to order. 

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