Sunday, September 10, 2017

Epic Eats and Kota Kinabalu Coffee Series

Post for Day 1 is here.

Upon waking up today, the first thing I read on my phone was a message from a friend telling me to eat at Yee Fung which was amazing because last night, I made the decision to eat at this exact place since it was touted by Google as having the best Laksa. With 309 reviews and a 4.5stars rating, I was pretty excited to have a go at it. After reading the recommendation from my friend, I was even more excited.

D and I booked an Uber which cost only 7RM and when we got to Yee Fung, it was FILLED WITH HOOMANS. Eeekkk. The good thing about it is that it validated all the claims we have gotten so far. The bad thing is that we might have to wait to be seated but because we were okay with sharing a table, we were immediately seated.

While we were waiting for our food, we saw a woman mixing the drink and it was such a beautiful sight to see because she looked so graceful doing it. She was also quite nice because she "performed" a mix for me to video properly.

We ordered the Yee Fung Laksa (Small is 8RM and Big is 9RM) and the Teh Tarik Ping and Teh Maderas Ping which is 3.50RM for the cold one. I must say that I fully understood what the fuss was. The Yee Fung Laksa was refreshing. You can taste the cilantro and the spiciness is smooth and makes you want to eat more, not hot that it burns your mouth. I actually regret ordering the small version because I completely finished off my small bowl. The entire meal costs 24RM.or Php288.

Afterwards, we walked around and chanced upon an area filled with pigeons. It seems that the pigeons in Kota Kinabalu are not made into food because they had no fear of humans. I took this chance of having a photo with these birds and voila.

There was a store there that sold "premium" items and I got duped. The flavored lollipops showed a price of 2.50RM and so I bought 5 packs. It turned out that the price was actually 19RM and it cost me 99RM for 5 packs of lollipop or Php1,188. FML. I totally hated the old women selling inside. This bunch of lollipops better be worth it. UGH.

Afterwards, we walked more and looked for a coffee shop. Thankfully, a girl in an egette cafe recommended Nook Cafe. Nook Cafe is located at 8 Jalan Dewan and turned out to be a 3rd wave coffee shop which D loves. I, on the other hand, felt a bit more adventurous so I ordered the Hot Chai Tea Latte. This turned out to be a really good decision because Nook Cafe is not just a 3rd wave coffee shop but also makes the best chai tea latte this side of the world. It was just sooooo good. I don't know if any of the chai tea latte at home will ever compare because this was just too good.

D ordered the Long Black which he absolutely loved. It cost only 8RM while my Chai Tea costs 13RM. Total costs was 21RM or Php252. 

Afterwards, we crossed the street to try Tempurung Ice Cream. Their Pandan Coconut Ice Cream (13RM but this comes with taxes so it ended as 14.30RM) was so creamy and the coconut water refreshing. We also got to have our photo taken at their instagrammable wall. Don't we look cute? Total meal here cost 14.30RM or PHp171.60. 

 Afterwards, we walked a bit more and took a lot of photos since there were many touristy spots and instagrammable walls. This was when we saw Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. It was a good thing that we entered this place because as soon as we stepped inside, heavy rains started to fall.

Their mall is the same as the malls in the Philippines. What makes it different is the amount of homegrown products that are being sold left and right at really affordable prices. In Manila, you won't see a lot of local products inside a mall. In Kota Kinabalu, you can feel their pride and I have to say that I felt envious.

I did see an interesting kiosk in the middle and the reason that it caught my eye was because it said Cow Dung Tart. I ordered the original cow dung tart which cost 4.80RM and the Durian one which was 6.80RM. We paired this with the Lemon Red Jade Tea which cost 5.80 RM. Total meal cost 17.40RM or Php209. 

Afterwards, we went off to eat at Kedai Kopi Kun Hin which has been open since 1896 and serves the best Beef and Chicken Satay. One stick costs .60RM and we ordered 20 sticks. It was really good though I have come to realize that I prefer beef over chicken satay. 20 sticks cost 12RM or Php144. 

Last stop of the night for epic eats was Sin Kee Bah Kut Teh. This was a surprise because D hates pork and yet he actually agreed to eat there where it was all pork and chicken feet which he also is not a fan of. Surprisingly, D LOVED IT.

We had the Bah Kut Teh which was 12.70RM for the small one, Dry Bah Kut Teh which was 13.70RM, Chicken Feet which was 11.70RM and the Tea with Milk 3.70RM and Barley at the same price. Total cost for the meal was 48RM or Php576 which is as of date, our most expensive meal but totally worth the price.

The Bah Kut Teh soup was so rich in taste, the meat cooked just right. The Dry Bah Kut Teh had it's own personality. It had okra bits and as much as I am an okra lover, this was one okra I was more than happy to eat because of how it was cooked. The chicken feet is the nearest to how my Mom cooks chicken feet, soft and almost falling off the bone. This was our most expensive meal and one of the most filling.

Finally, we ended the night at Le Meridien were we had their Signature Chocolate Eclair which was too good. Tip: after 6pm, this eclair sells for 5RM instead of 10RM. The drinks here were so-so though and quite pricey at 11.32RM each which led to this night cap costing 34RM or Php408 but hello, it's Le Meridien.

Day 2 here in Kota has been one great food after another. I wonder what Day 3 has in store? Follow me on IG and Twitter too so you can see ATM posts. My handle is @mskathykenny

Total cost for the day including the Uber ride home which cost 6RM and Coffee Sachet costing 14RM is 296.70RM or Php3560.40 bless those old women scammers.

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