Saturday, September 10, 2022

True Gift of Love by J’s Diamond

Love. The word alone evokes so many feelings and emotions. Great poets worldwide, renowned painters, and singers of different generations and genres have been inspired by it. Who is not moved by the beauty and mystery of love? 

“All you need is love,” according to the Beatles. And as Khalil Gibran puts it, “Life without love is like a tree without blossom or fruit.”

Indeed, love is everywhere. It exists in the shallowest of feelings and in the depths of genuine emotion. But the true gift of love is beyond time and space.  Just like J's Diamond, resolute in its commitment to commemorate the true gift of love, it stands the test of time and adversity – a testament much like how love continues to prevail whatever the circumstance.

“Similar to our beloved brand, J’s Diamond, which has been around for almost 10 years, the true gift of love is a celebration that translates a kind of connectedness and union that flourishes and empowers,” says Kenneth Mau, president of J’s. He continues, “It overcomes all of life's unexpected challenges and yet manages to still joyfully hold those dear to us even closer to our hearts.”

Indeed, with this knowledge and capacity, J’s Diamond is fortunate to partner with a couple known to have withstood the test of time. Over the years, the admirable 

partnership of the beautiful and sultry actress Aubry Miles and her dashing, handsome

prince, Troy Montero, is truly one to admire and take inspiration from for many couples. It is a goal for many relationships, with a story filled with fortitude and inspiration.

After that fateful day of meeting at a television station where they were guests for different shows, it has been 19 years of being together and growing a family born of faith, trust, and hard work. With three kids in tow and a formidable relationship built with a foundation to be envied, their true gift of love has finally been sealed with the rings of J’s Diamond, adhering to the same ideals and commitment of the brand.  

“We’re so lucky and blessed to be with J’s Diamond. Each time we visit the store, we feel like wanting to get married again and again,’ quipped Troy.  Aubry adds, “It’s truly a brand that encompasses what beautiful beginnings and happy endings are all about. We are very proud and grateful to be the face of J’s Diamond. It’s the only jewelry we wear.”

It is precisely why J’s Diamond is the ultimate jewelry brand exemplifying union and harmony. It is purposeful in being a stunning symbol of love and commitment while presenting it in many shapes and sizes. 

Indeed, the true gift of love doesn't happen in an instant. But you know it is born of fortitude, connectedness, and endurance when it does. It is reaped and taken care of by commitment, respect, and knowing – much like the love that continues to inspire Aubry, Troy, and most of all, J’s Diamond. 

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