Monday, September 27, 2021

Gratitude # 14

First, we just survived a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. This happened over an hour ago and it was so shocking because before the actual quake happened, there was this strong pull that literally almost unseat me from where I was seated.

It was unnerving, to say the least. Seeing your walls and floor move is something that just triggers major anxiety in you. Still, I am grateful that no one was hurt. 

I'm also grateful for moments that happened last week. I had coffee at a cafe with the husband and brother. Baby K was also able to "go out" via drive thru. 

We had coffee at Wild Heart Flower Shop and they had pretty decent cafe au lait. What really drew me to the place though were the hundreds of dried flowers. 

There was also a Bibingkinitan beside them so that was a welcome treat. 

I also had my first haircut in two years. 

And I think that I finally had my attic the way I wanted it. It's not the Pinterest worthy attic that I wanted but it has everything that we wanted to keep. If I could find a way to get rid of all the megaboxes, then I think I'd be a happy person. 

Lastly, I also finished the Belle diamond painting that I started 5 weeks ago. 

Overall, it has been a great week. I even made a cheesy nori ramen for the husband as well as some nori cheesy eggs for breakfast. 

How was your week?


  1. Oh my gosh, I haven't had a proper haircut in over two years, either. I am trying to just embrace the long hair at this point. I've never been in an earthquake, but when I lived in Orlando there was a shuttle that created such a sonic boom on entry that it shook our apartment and woke us up. It was so scary until we remembered there was a launch.

  2. This is so beautiful! We should all be grateful for the things we have. Thank you for the amazing reminder.

  3. Okay I've never been in an earthquake before and that sounds terrifying. The closest I've been to anything scary like that is when they were blowing something up in a field near my ex-husband's house. I didn't know it was happening and I thought we were under attack.

  4. I am so happy you are all fine! must have been scary. lovely diamond painting, I absolutely adore the result!

  5. We've had an earthquake in Belgium over 20 years ago, but it was not a major one

  6. I imagine it is no fun at all. I am glad no one was hurt!

  7. Oh my god. First and foremost I am so glad that you all are safe. That had to be one crazy experience.


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