Sunday, October 3, 2021

Celebrate October with Maxime at the 10.10 online sale!

Mark your calendars as Maxime is celebrating October with Tricks and Treats for your doggos. This means exciting deals and fun live streams are coming in time for the 10.10 sale on Lazada and Shopee!

Steals and Thrills

On October 10, 2021, you can stock up on Maxime Dog Food with amazing steals up for grabs to unleash the fun and nurture heartwarming moments with your furbabies. Get up to 50% off on Maxime products at Shopee, with the fun extended until October 14 at Lazada. 

As part of the celebration, Maxime will be hosting a series of Shopee live streams so you and your doggos can be part of the fun. On October 1, 15, 20, and 31, special guests will join to give away up to additional 10% discount. Maxime will also host a brand livestream on Shopee on October 6 where you can score 20% vouchers, giveaways and get discounts to 50% off.

Tips and Tricks

The best way we can show our love to our doggos is to provide them with the best nutrition possible. Maxime is your best partner in pethood since its premium dog food is carefully formulated by a team of experts who are also passionate about our furry friends.

It is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients doggos need to be happy, active, tough, and smart. Did you know that some of its essential ingredients include pre- and probiotics, DHA, and Omega 3 and 6? When added to a doggo’s diet, these promote a stronger immune system, a sharper mind, a healthy heart, and shinier fur and coat.

When you give your doggos the best care possible, you reciprocate the unconditional love they shower you with every day. Treat them with Maxime Dog Food so you can play together and nourish and learn from each other.

Stay tuned for more surprises as we’ll be giving treats for tricks at @MaximePhilippines on Facebook. 

Celebrate October and shop Maxime’s Dog Food on Shopee and Lazada’s 10.10 sales so you can #LiveYourBestLifeTogether

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