Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Jaytee Balmores of Jeepney Jaytee restores Faith in Humanity

You can't put a good man down. 

This quote couldn't be more true when applied to Jaytee Balmores, the man behind Jeepney Jaytee, Edmonton's most famous food truck. 

Jaytee Balmores is the man behind this successful food truck that sells Filipino food based in Edmonton, Canada. He is also the endorser for a lot of other businesses such as Great Smile Family Dental and Lexus of Edmonton West

He is also known to be a kind and caring person. However, it seems that there is more to Jaytee than meets the eye. This moment was captured by one of his workers and shared on social media without him knowing.

It is stories like this that need to be told to the world. This random act of kindness from someone who is already considered a celebrity is something that people should emulate. 

Jeepney Jaytee is Edmonton's most famous food truck and even won Best Food Truck of the Year twice in a row. This is a testament to how great their food is. The photo below was taken pre-COVID. 

He may be famous but he is definitely grounded. When you truly care about people, you work hard, hustle even harder while making sure you have your feet on the ground, success will always come to you. 

Hats off to you Jaytee! We hope you continue being a great example to mankind. 

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