Wednesday, September 1, 2021

40% Off on your favorite Huggies products this September!

Yes, what a way to start the BER months! This is definitely great news for all Moms out there who have babies that are still wearing diapers! 

Huggies will be hosting a sale on their official store on Shopee and you can get up to 40% off on your favorite Huggies products! Ack! 

This actually started last August 24 so I made sure to hoard especially the Huggies Superheroes Edition because it's just too cute! 

Our favorite Superheroes -  Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are here to save the day! The Huggies Dry Pants Limited Edition Justice League design keeps your baby completely comfortable with its X-channel technology. I'm super excited to try this out. 

Doesn't it look cute? They also have a sale ongoing for the Huggies Dry Diapers for newborn and Huggies Dry Pants Medium Size.  

Huggies Dry Newborn has a Poo Absorb Liner that reduces wetness and prevents skin irritation by pulling runny poo away from your newborn’s delicate skin. It also has a 100% breathable outer cover that allows for better airflow, helping keep the baby’s skin dry and healthy.

This helps prevent diaper rash and has 100% breathable cover.

They also have Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes that are thick, soft, and absorbent- designed to clean your baby in just one or two wipes. It is made from natural fibers and has been clinically tested to be safe for a baby’s delicate skin, providing a safe but effective clean.

Make sure you download the Shopee App so you can take advantage of up to 40% off on your favorite Huggies products this September via Shopee! 

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