Friday, September 3, 2021

Gratitude # 12

It's now the BER months. Just like that, it's Christmas season in the Philippines and this is our 2nd pandemic Christmas. 

No complaints on my end though. We have been so blessed this entire time. We have jobs, we are all healthy, and those of us who can get vaccinate have been vaccinated. 

I am beyond grateful.

August went by in a blur. We've been living in our new home for almost 2 months now and I feel safe in my home once more. I no longer feel crazy nervous when it rains hard unlike in the old house we were renting. 

M and I had our first big fight in this house but thankfully, we were able to resolve it within the day.  I also don't feel crazy anxious because I know that no matter how badly we fight, we will work things out. 

I've also been able to pay off a debt to a friend which I am just so thankful for. I hate being in debt but recent events left me no choice. Thankfully, we're slowly picking ourselves up again. I hope that it continues. 

Blog wise, things are doing really great. I'm actually surprised because I normally get around 30,000 views on average but last month, we hit 56,000+. I also maintained my Top 6 spot in the food niche. 

YouTube has also been doing pretty well for me. 

I also had over 30 brand collaborations and some paid gigs. It's been really wonderful in terms of my side gigs and thankfully, my full-time work is also doing pretty well. 

As for my family and I, our baby is now 18 months old, our firstborn is back in school and duly complaining of on a daily basis, and my husband and I have been together for almost 4 years now. 

My brother who lives in Singapore also got married last August and though we were not there physically, we were able to witness it via Zoom which was good enough because at least, we got to see it happen even virtually. 

Life has been good and though there are small hiccups along the way, I can't help but be thankful to God for the life he has given me. 


  1. You have a lovely family. I really hope this pandemic ends soon so the kids can also go out.

  2. Oh gosh this is so lovely, gratitude is always great to have.

  3. It's good that the weddings are getting back to normal gradually

  4. I am so happy for you❤️! Glad to now that your blog and channel both are going great, and August went smooth for you 😍 Getting that much views on my blogs is my dream, hope it gets fulfilled soon 🙂

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  5. Umm listen! The blog info is amazing news!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Wow! Congratulations on your accomplishments! I love the family pictures :)


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