Wednesday, August 4, 2021

When You've Fallen Out of Love

Knowing that you've fallen in love 

That's easy

Your stomach flutters 

You can't stop thinking of him

You smile like a fool

You have stars in your eyes

But how do you know 

when you've fallen out of love 

That your story

was not a love story

but just a story of love 

That forever 

did not apply to you

but only to the memories you created

that the person 

who meant the world to you

is now just a stranger

That he was just a chapter 

in your book

But not the whole story 

That perhaps you were meant to be

Just not meant to last 

That now, walking away is easier

Staying away seems better 

than walking towards him 

That the future is no longer visible

When you look into their eyes

And that all this time

You were in love with an idea 

A thought, a notion, a memory

But no longer in love 

with the reality. 

- Kathy Balmores 

August 2021

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