Monday, August 2, 2021

PH’s first mega digital Mall Go Shopping Philippines Launched

Philippines’ first mega digital mall, Go Shopping Philippines (GSP), has partnered with MetroDeal and  Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) as part of the deal to mutually boost great offerings and achieve GSP’s goal to be the “go-to” for its virtual mall operation.     

Aside from the partnership with PHILTOA GSP also entered into a partnership with Turismo Ph in order to comprehensively offer customers travel packages.

These partnerships ensure the smooth integration of each of the partners’ sites to the Go Shopping e-commerce ecosystem.  “ Our partnerships with other e-commerce operators, will bring to greater heights the digital shopping experiences of consumers in terms of functionalities and features of the GSP Mal,” said Neil Garcia La-as,  GSP’s CEO and Founder.  “With our offerings of products and services of nearly everything that you need within this year until the early part of 2022, we expect to raise traffic and strengthen the quality and number of potential visitors and shoppers to GSP Mall”, says Mr. La-as.

Launched last July 31, Go Shopping Philippines envisions to be not just an online seller, but a huge virtual environment providing retail, services, and other facilities and features that make digital malling a new experience and even a new lifestyle.    “While GSP just ‘birthed the baby’ during its soft launch, it will nurture and grow the GSP Mall into a mature entity with all its existing features such as the GFlix, Cineplex, Go Live, and Go TV.” GFlix offers on-demand movies -- both local and international films -- now possible for viewing via one’s mobile phone. GO LIVE is a livestreaming platform for conferences, trade exhibitions, and events. 

GO CINEPLEX is a 3D virtual cinema that has multiple halls, a secured online ticketing system, and high-quality audio and video setup. It is enabling feelings of warmth among people commonly watching theatre shows and live presentations, virtual nevertheless.  Fashion shows and sports activities can now all be viewed at the flick of a finger.

The first mega digital mall in the Philippines will be its own GoTV. It will be airing 24/7 once the programming takes its form soon to entertain users any hour of the day, or night.  It will air select television programs accessible anywhere through one’s own mobile phone. GSP Mall will be a big virtual mall where practically all one needs—whether from the city or from the provinces or later, from other countries can be delivered by the GSP Merchants and partners via the Smart Logistics, another feature of the GSP ecosystem. Smart logistics is the convergence of all the logistics companies and courier services that has partnered with GSP to serve its growing community of merchants and shoppers.

Neil G. La-as believes online transactions do not need to be disappointing as many consumers experience today.  They expect value for their money despite doing the orders before actually seeing them.  Knowing such frustrating experiences from online purchases as he himself experienced it, La-as said GSP ensures its merchants are committed to providing authentic products only – no imitations, and global standard of services. GSP’s E-commerce site requires merchants to provide certifications on the authenticity of the products to be sold in the GSP Mall. 

Technology will be a tool through which anyone is protected, assuring anyone that his well-earned money is well-returned with the added perks.   It should create full satisfaction from the digital lifestyle.  

Artificial Intelligence is also one facet of technology advancements that Go Shopping Philippines is utilizing.  GSP Mall’s Analytics enables GSP and its merchants to systematically grow their market size based on data, statistics, and market demographics. Also, a fraud detection system, on top of firewalls, secures GSP Mall’s transactions. Cybersecurity measures are one of the “top of the mind” considerations of the company so that even in the far fetched scenario when one facet of the entire operation is breached, the rest of the multiple servers will shut down automatically keeping them free from the threat, with the multiple protection security systems installed. There is that self-locking capability of the digital mall systems’ various components in times of potential breach of one facet.

Specialty professional services-- diagnostic clinics, gallery and museum services, tailoring services, legal and other consultancy services are traditionally found in brick and mortar stores.  But soon, access to these small enterprises will be a lot easier and more dependable within the GSP mall facility. Medical, dental, and veterinary services, architectural and interior design, carpentry, and upholstery services, sewing, and embroidery can all be easily arranged from the mobile phone.   In due time, even government services can be availed of through one’s cellphones, with the partnerships GSP has entered into with government and other entities. 

For the payment system, GSP Mall has partnered with payment centers, banks, and fintech (financial technology firms (GCash, Paymaya, etc) for the ultimate convenience of paying online.  

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