Saturday, August 14, 2021

Review of Chicken Deli in NOMO

Before the 3rd ECQ happened, we were able to visit NOMO located here in Cavite. We had to buy a few things for our new place and as always, we ended up eating outside. This time, I chanced upon Chicken Deli and since we haven't tried this place, I wanted to give it a go. 

I loved the feel of the place. It reminded me of how fast foods are in Malaysia. Spacious, lively, and just have this overall good vibes. 

They had an online menu and you can just order what you want from there. I loved it. Contactless and safe! 

This also saves a lot of time because you just need to go to the cashier to pay after this. It would have been nice if we could have paid via Gcash or anything contactless but maybe, in the future, this could be incorporated as well.

The food looked appetizing and quite instagrammable but that's where it ends. It was okay but it was definitely not worth the money I paid for. Mang Inasal could definitely kick this chicken out any time of any day. 

I'm sorry but this is the way more expensive version of Mang Inasal and I felt duper. The only awesome thing about this was the atsara. It was sad. 

The halo halo was just so-so as well. There was nothing outstanding about it.

The sisig on the other hand was pretty good but if your restaurant's name is Chicken Deli, I think that it should be the chicken that's the star, not the pork. Am I right? 

Here we are. We still finished the food because we didn't want to waste it but I don't think any of us will be coming back to this place again anytime soon. 

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