Thursday, August 5, 2021

MamyPoko Membership Program

MamyPoko supports a mother's deep affection for her children as they grow. With its high quality and advanced features, MamyPoko supports parents by reducing the burden of child-rearing tasks and enhancing the joy of child-raising. 

One of the biggest burdens on parents is the cost of diapers which is why it's always a great thing when there are ways to cut down the cost. 

Join the MamyPoko Membership Program for exclusive perks with every purchase on MamyPoko's official store on Shopee! I tried out this diaper and there were no rashes. It's also super absorbent and can last for at least 6 hours with my son which is an achievement because diapers normally last him for only 4 hours. 

Sign-up now and get a bonus of 100 points and Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free (80 Pulls) as a Welcome gift! You can also earn 1 point for every Php1 spent every time you buy Mamypoko Diapers on the Shopee App.  

One of the most important things that Moms need to remember is that overnight pants are very important to ensure that baby sleeps through the night. The more changes you make, the more chances that you will wake the baby up which means that you won't be able to sleep too. 

Make sure that you catch these Mamypoko Extra Dry Pants during Shopee's 8.8 Mega Flash Sale.

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