Friday, January 1, 2021

On goodbyes, hello, and goals for 2021

Goodbye, 2020. 

Honestly,  I would have to say that I am one of the lucky ones for 2020. I was able to find new clients, I had a lot of paid articles, I did some research papers, and I was even able to land a new job. 

Everyone I know has been safe from the virus, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, and I even got proposed to. 

M and I also have our own place (rented but we are on our own) and things are much better between us. Whereas before we would fight like cats and dogs, now, it's more of let's discuss how we can fix this instead of who's wrong and who's right. 

There was a major heartbreak but as they say, when one door closes, another door opens. I've realized a lot of things that I wasn't aware of before and now, I am learning daily how I can be better and how much I am truly capable of. 

Hello 2021. 

I am welcoming 2021 by making a big change in my life. If you have been reading my blog for a time, you know that I am a single Mom and have been one for 12 years now. Apparently, 2020 was my last year as a single Mom, and this 2021, I am becoming Mrs. B. 

YES! I am getting married to M and will become Mrs. B. I never thought that this would happen but it is and I am so excited to officially and legally be a real wife. 

I even ordered a dress online already and I am hoping that it will fit. My dress costs less than Php2000 and can be altered so that I can wear it for casual dinners or dates. 

Even our wedding cake topper will come from Shopee. 

I've also been welcomed with open arms by M's family. It feels overwhelming but I am happy that they accept me for M. They made the holidays truly feel like one. 

This year, we will also start processing our papers to go and migrate to Canada. It's something that I never thought I'd do but for my kid's future, I will go and pursue it. 


I would like to stick to having 5 doable goals this 2021. I used to have so many and though most of the time I get to do most of it, I feel that having 5 will make it feel less like a burden and something that I can accomplish. 
  1. Self-care. One of the things that I let go of last year was self-care. I used the reason that I just gave birth as an excuse but it was more of laziness the last few months. Sometimes, I'd go days without washing my hair. It was really bad. I also ate too many sweets and really indulged in everything that I wanted but if I want to live long, I need to eat healthier, move more, and be mindful of what I take in. After all, I am no longer a kid. 
  2. No Spend Year. Last year, I used my depression and anxiety as an excuse to buy so many things that I haven't even used till now. Shopping for too many wants has left me scrambling when I need to buy something that is needed and I want to address that online. So this year, we are implementing the no spend year which means that we will only buy what is needed. I've actually done this in the past and was successful for 10 months. 
  3. Be a better Mom, Wife, Friend, and Person. It's hard, to be honest. Being kind sounds like this should be a given but it can be a struggle sometimes especially when I am tired, cranky, hungry, not feeling well, or dealing with my own drama. However, I vow that I will start doing my best to be kinder and more understanding.
  4. Do more of what I love and say no to doing things I don't want to. No explanations needed on this one. 
  5. Be debt-free and set aside money in the bank. I incurred debt last year and I vow to pay off all debts this year. 

I think that these goals are doable and are something that is worth pursuing. I have a lot of WHY AM I DOING THIS for every single goal so it won't be so hard to achieve. 

For now, I leave this makeup-free, absolutely no filter photo that I hope to look back on next year and be able to say, I look and feel much better in 2022 than in 2021. 


  1. Haha! Really loved that moment when 2020 passed by. Hoping for a better year this year.

  2. I just hope I can travel in 2021, but considering how hard it still is to get the vaccine, and how many people are sabotaging it, I'm already feeling like 2021 will be a lot like 2020.

  3. Congratulations! How exciting to be embraced by your new family and moving forward with your migration plans as well.


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