Wednesday, December 30, 2020

3 Tools to Help Make 2021 Better

2020 was the year that threw everyone off their comfort zone. Scheduled trips, plans, vacations, and businesses were all disrupted. It was chaos like nothing the world has ever seen. 

People lost their lives, family members, precious moments, and so much more but for those who survived and are surviving, they gained a lot as well. They gained perspective, respect for life, and value for time, time that they now know matters more than ever. 

This 2021, one of my goals is to manage the time that I spend on people, tasks, goals, acquisitions, and dreams. One of the ways that I plan on making this happen is by ensuring that I have the right tools around me that can help me make this happen. 

1. Happy Planner

It has always been my dream to use a planner that I can use as a to-do list, a budget tracker, and a memory keeping tool. The Happy Planner does that for me and it has been truly instrumental in helping me remember my schedule, online events, bills that I need to pay, as well as storage for photos and cards that I want to keep as a memento.

It may seem like the Happy Planner is on the more expensive side but for me, it's worth it because it's my organizer, budget keeper, and scrapbook all rolled into one. When I look at my layouts, I feel like I can create new plans and dreams, execute them in style, and make things happen. 

2. Tommy Hilfiger Watch 

As far as I can remember, I have dreamt of owning a watch that is versatile enough for me to wear with jeans, slacks, a morning dress, or even a semi-formal gown. Trust me when I say that it is not easy finding one so when I saw the Tommy Hilfiger Blake and Payton model, I knew that I have found the watch that I will wear for 2021. 

For some people, a watch may seem outdated but I believe that wearing a watch is one of the classics that people need to keep. When I wear a watch, I am more mindful of the time that I spend on things and the time that I give away to people. I don't know what it is but wearing a watch makes me more goal-oriented and helps to keep me focused on the task at hand.

Tommy watches are distributed worldwide, but its first-ever watch-centric store opened in the Philippines last January. Last Dec. 14, its Philippine Distributor, Wizer Industries, continued with the momentum generated during the store opening, by introducing the brand’s Filipino ambassadors - models Sam Ajdani and Jessica Yang. Just like them, I look forward to a better 2021. 

With Tommy Hilfiger watches, I know that I have a watch that encapsulates what the new normal will be like - aware, informed, and responsive to the climate of the times. 

3. Xiaomi Mi10TPro 

This phone has been on my wish list since I first reviewed it. I loved how clear and crisp the photos are, how defined the videos are when I do a shoot for my YouTube channel, and how the audio sounds. It's light, sleek, and durable. 

It's exactly what I need in a phone camera and I know that with the Mi10TPro, I can definitely do more and be more this 2021. 

How about you? What tools do you think you need to make 2021 a better year? 


  1. Really hoping for a better year. 2020 was absolutely horrible.

  2. I tried the Happy Planner and found it overwhelming! But I do have a new planner, which makes me happy!

  3. I liked the happy planner coz I have so many to store in my head that sometimes I struggle. Good idea to have one.

  4. Great one mareng Kathy!
    May this year be a better year for all of us.
    God bless always!

  5. I need to be more organized. A watch would help.

  6. I love the planner! I'm big on things that I can write on and make notes with pencils and highlighters :)

  7. This is great Ma'am kathy, I love how happy this planner it is and the tommy hilfiger watch and mi10pro are great for daily activities. A must have tools in our daily activities.


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