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4 Things to Help You Relax at Home

It is now 2021 and by this time, people have learned to adapt to the new normal that was ushered in abruptly in 2020. It's been almost a year since our life was turned upside down so it's time to say enough with the stress. 

It's time to learn how to relax at home since it looks like we will still be staying and working at home. For me, I have learned to find ways to make sure that when I "get off" from work, I can easily switch to relaxation mode so I can have a good sleep. 

Lights - WIZ Lights from Philips

This strip of light may look like it's just a strip of light but when placed in the correct setting, it can make a place look truly cozy. M placed it on the backside of our bed and voila, instant coziness.


Another thing that helps me relax is when I smell something like french vanilla or lavender. I make sure that I have scented candles with me to help me feel relaxed when I need to. 

What I love the most about scents is that there's one for relaxation, staying up, and even just plain zoning out. 


This may be situational as I know that there are people who can sleep without pillows but for me, a whole-body pillow works wonders for my sleep. It puts me at ease and I have better sleep when I have a whole body pillow.



Since you're not supposed to leave a candle on the whole night, I switch to a humidifier that has essential oil in it to last me the whole night. It's safe and it is truly relaxing. 

I simply put on some Lavander and Sage oil, turn it on, and then in a few minutes, relaxation starts, and I sleep like a baby. 

Which one do you already have and which one will you be getting? Let me know in the comments down below.