Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Better late than Never - Wedding Preps

So the reality is finally sinking in that I am getting married in 2 days. 

It took THAT long for things to actually fall into place in my head. Wooozzaa. 

Yesterday, we finally booked a venue for the ceremony and it's also the same place where we will have the reception so that's a good thing because our guests need not travel to two different locations. 

It's a little speakeasy but the good thing is that this area will be reserved just for us.  The food in this place is really good. We've tried it pre-pandemic and now, it's still one of the best. 

We also have a wedding cake, though it's not the usual layered one. We have cupcakes that will be made by my friend. We have giveaways that will come from a client. 

Hopefully, we will have a small bouquet for me. 

I think this is pretty easy to make right? We also have our rings and I am just so excited to be wearing one really soon. 

Makeup and hair will be done by me. As for decoration, there won't be one but it's okay. What matters is that family and friends will be there to celebrate our union. 

Omigod! I'm getting married in 2 days! 

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