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Khali at 7 months

Yesterday was Khali's 7th month and it was amazing. The Gods blessed us with a lot of really great food. Not just that, Khali is healthy and a really happy baby.

We didn't treat this day as anything special to be honest because though we believe that life should be celebrated, we believe as well that what we should focus on is the annual birthday. 

Thankfully, there were other people who made this day special for our not so little bundle of joy and I wanna acknowledge them. 

Pizza Hut recently launched a mobile app which I used last Sunday to have them deliver today. I booked last Sunday and then just forgot about it. It was amazing. It was delivered at the exact time that I indicated too.

Max's also sent out a cake for no reason. You see, these days, you don't need a reason to have cake. You should celebrate life's little wins. Ours was the fact that the baby didn't cry for 30 minutes. Parents out there will definitely be able to relate.

We also received Creamy Chicken Pie from Pastry Princess and this was just great. More about it on a separate review.

We also received Blizzard from DQ which was wiped out in a hearbeat. I barely had time to take a photo. It was that good. 

Khali turned 7 months yesterday and that is already special in itself. The rest were just bonuses.


  1. What a cute little guy and all of this food looks so amazing! What a fun way to celebrate a milestone!

  2. That baby looks so happy and that cake is hilarious I love all that food I bet you guys had a great time

  3. she is the cutest!!! Happy 7 months birthday Khali....baby didn't cry for 30 min lmao...So good...

  4. Oh I remember my nephew's monthsaries because of this. The food makes me want to bake right now.

  5. Great food makes everything nicer! Happy 7th month of life, Khali!

  6. Happy 7 months to Khali and definitely to Mommy and daddy. She is the sweetest, may she be blessed with health, happiness and good thinking

  7. Happy 7 months to the little man!! Definitely looks like a tasty celebration!

  8. What a little cutie pie! Happy 7 months sweetie!

  9. What a little cutie!! Looks like a great celebration with yummy food! 😍

  10. aww he looks so cute and may God bless him with health, happiness and prosperity..though the food looks delicious..great work

  11. Celebrating every months is a happiness time. Oh, the joys of being a parent.

  12. He is adorable �� Happy 7 months cutie pie! Also, I love his name Khali :) His name reminded me of our Indian wrestler, Khali!

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