Thursday, September 17, 2020

Local Artists who sell Stickers on Shopee

As someone who journals, I've made many a purchase on Shopee from local sellers in China. After all, they sell really cheap but beautiful stickers. A great example would be Muhan.PH and Mohamm.PH

However, local artists shouldn't be ignored and so I rounded up some of the good ones that I saw on Shopee and now I'm sharing them in the hopes that others would see it, like them, and buy. 

After all, we need to love local right? 

Paskong Pinoy Icon Set Stickers


Morning Breakfast Planner Stickers


Pinoy Thingz Sticker Pack


Filipino Merienda Sticker Pack


Pinoy Meryenda Kakanin Stickers


These are just some of the local artists that I have seen. There are still a lot more of them and I strongly believe that we need to support them.


  1. These are so cute! Especially the Filipino Merienda Sticker Pack. I wonder if they sell and ship to America....

  2. Oh these are so cute, I absolutely love stickers!

  3. My favorite is the Pinoy Thingz Sticker Pack. They have very catchy Tagalog lines. My youngest daughter would love get this for her scrapbook.

  4. My daughter would love to have this. She's into scrapbooking. She's always on the look out for new stickers. She will definitely check the online stores.

  5. Wow! These looks so cool and awesome. Loved the design and I'll definitely check this out later.

  6. Omg those morning breakfast ones are so cute!

  7. I really like the variety and the quality of the design. Would buy any of these.

  8. I wish we have Shopee here in Canada! My friends in the Philippines are loving it and I would love to try it too!

  9. So cute,I really love buying stuffs from Shopee. They are very affordable.


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