Thursday, September 3, 2020

4 Journaling Essentials You Didn't Know You Need

If you ask anyone who journals, they will say that the things you need would be a journal, stickers, stamps, washi tapes, and pens. This is true but what people don't realize is that there are also other essentials needed to make journaling more fun and relaxing.


Here are 4 journaling essentials you didn't know you need to make journaling more fun. 

Extension Cord

This is important because when we journal, we'd most likely be using our phone, have a fan, have a ring light, and all of that all at the same time because most of us want to document the process. An extension cord like the one below from Omni is good because it's super affordable, safe, and it even has USB ports. At less than 300, this is already a steal and shipping fee is only Php40. 

Desk Lamp 

A desk lamp is very important if you don't have a ring light. This helps to ensure that you won't damage your eyes because when we journal, we naturally strain our eyes. 


A lot of us love listening to music but sometimes can't because there are people around. These JBL speakers are perfect because they are wireless and won't have wires that our arms can get tangled in. The sounds are just right but we can still hear if someone calls us to avoid those heart attack inducing scares when we're too focused on journaling. 



Overhead Suspension Boom   

For those who want to YouTube their creations, this is the perfect solution. Just attach your phone holder to the end of this suspension boom and you can have the perfect, professional looking video taken from above for less than Php600. 

I got this for myself and I am SO HAPPY with the outcome. It really levels up the quality of the video.  REALLY LEVELED UP!

Of course, I only recommend this if you have spare budget. These are mostly affordable things that you can buy. I do not encourage getting things just because it's a want if it will damage the budget and make you miserable in the end.

Always remember that journaling should relax you, not add to your stress.


  1. That desk lamp is so cute, I appreciate you sharing this!

  2. Haha! The extension cord is quite funny but super relatable. Good one.

  3. These are totally essential! I would love to get that overhead suspension booms! I bet that is so useful!

  4. That lamp and extension looks so great. I will definitely consider those two when I start journaling.

  5. These are great recommendations I wouldn't of thought of. I need to get a speaker!!

  6. I would have not thought about these things when it comes to journaling, but you're right we do need these things.

  7. The lamp looks so cute and the JBL speakers are really awesome! My brother has those speakers and they are indeed highly recommended!


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