Wednesday, September 23, 2020

First Impressions on the ASUS ZenBook 14 (UX425), World’s thinnest 14” laptop with full I/O Ports in Lilac Mist Color

The first time I had a Zenbook was back in 2017. 3 years later, it's still working perfectly fine no matter how much torture and stress it has gone through because of me. This is why when I had the chance to get my hands on the latest ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425 in Lilac Mist, I grabbed it.

When I opened the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425 in Lilac Mist, the first thing that I said was WOW. It really made an impression on me. It was sleek, stylish, classy, and yet, it looked formidable, much like a boss babe.

This laptop is meant for the woman who knows what she wants and doesn't stop until she gets it. This is a woman who is juggling many things in life and can't be bothered to add another burden on her shoulders. 

The ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425 is so light that this will not be an issue at all. At only 1.13kg, this is the thinnest laptop out there with a 14inch display. This was very impressive for me. 

I have a baby so when I'm working at home, I need to be able to easily transfer from one room to the next. With the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425, this is easy to accomplish. The slim design is perfect for Mompreneurs like myself and boss babes everywhere who work where they can.

The fact that there are so many ports is also a Godsend. I can easily charge my phone, transfer files from one hard drive to another and have my laptop render all in one go because it has multiple ports and is powered by Intel Core i5 10th Gen. 

The long battery life is also a huge plus because who wants to constantly have their laptop plugged right? I know I don't. The fact that this one can last 22 hours on ordinary use is exciting for me. My current laptop can lasts around 4 hours since it's already 3 years old so my giddiness at 22 hours is just crazy. 

I'm really excited to test the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425. I hope that it's able to keep all of it's promise. For now, I am impressed with my first touch with the newest Zenbook. 

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  1. The color is so chic! And maybe "wow" would also be my impression too. If I see this in person.

  2. Oooh it's really lovely, I can't believe how this it is!

  3. The ASUS ZenBook 14 looks like a great laptop, especially for students! Especially now that so much is going to be online.

  4. Looks like a great laptop! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This looks like a really nice laptop! Thanks for sharing your review with us, it was a great read :).

  6. Good detailed review for Asus fans. Great to read it before you buy it.

  7. Wow I've never seen such a thin laptop and I adoreee this lilac mist color!!

  8. It's amazing that the battery lasts for so long! My laptop is actually very bulky but I mostly use it on my desk. When I travel I usually just take my Samsung Tab with me, which is something between a laptop and a tablet.

  9. Is it bad that I want this so bad even though I have a gamer computer build? hahah! it's so luxe <3


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