Monday, September 28, 2020

3 Things You Still Need this Pandemic

With so many things going on in the world and "few"things happening in our lives, it's so easy nowadays to just let go of everything. Let go of yourself, let go of time, let go of reality. After all, if you're just staying home for the past 6 months, you're probably at the stage where you are questioning your own existence and purpose.

Fret now because this is just a phase that the entire world is going through. Soon, this will be over and you will come out of this crazy bubble better off because you have learned things you never knew about yourself. However, it is important to know that there are a few things in this life that you still need even if you are just mostly home nowadays. 

1. You still need to shower. 

A lot of people seem to take this for granted but now, more than ever, you need to shower frequently and wash your hands. As it has already been declared that any type of soap is good enough to kill the bacteria, I suggest using Diwatang Maria, the soap that I have been using.

It is an organic soap that is locally made and it not only gets rid of harmful bacteria, it will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Something that we all need these days when days seem to pass by in a blur. 

2. You still need insurance. 

If you are still going to work or a love one is, you need to have the Juan Life Personal Accident Insurance. For only Php500, you are covered for a year in case you have an accident. With life being so unstable these days, you need to make sure that should an accident happen, you or your love one is protected. For just Php500 a year, you can be covered for up to Php250,000.

The best thing about Juan Life Personal Accident Insurance is that it takes less than 30 minutes to be insured and you don't need to step out of the house. CONVENIENT! 

M is already covered with this and I got some for his brother and my cousin as well. I just loved the fact that I didn't have to go out or go through so many paperwork to get them covered. You should give it a try too.  

I know that I feel just a bit more secure because we have this.

3. You still need to BREATHE. 

When we say you need to breathe, we mean that you still need to take care of your mental health. Now that a lot of people have lost their support system because of the lock down and not being able to have a cup of coffee or eat out with others, people's mental illness have started to suffer as well. 

Personally, I was shocked to see people shaving their heads, dancing in front of the camera, and do other things they would normally never do before this whole thing started. It seems that for a lot of people, the whole lock down took a toll on their mental health so it's important to remember to breathe. 

These days, its easy to let go but hopefully, the things mentioned above are the things you never, ever let go.


  1. I love that you have insurance on this list! It is one of the most important things to make sure you always have.

  2. Such an awesome reminder to take a step back and breathe and just keep it moving. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Thanks for sharing about Juan Life Insurance. It's very timely to have an insurance that is as affordable as this one.

  4. I love the packaging and the name of that soap. Very native. ������

  5. I don't know why I laughed at "you still need to shower". So true!

  6. Very good things. Simple but important. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love that you have insurance on this list, so good!!! these are super good reminders thank you

  8. I hear about shower issues from my friends all the time. For me shower is a huge joy. Insurance is very important esp in times of the pandemic

  9. I love the looks of the soaps! They sound like they smell great.

  10. I agree! these three things are vital for working through this pandemic. I practice each every single day! self-care and insurance is a must.
    Keep faith, this is temporary and focus on the good!

  11. I feel like I've been totally slacking this last month. Honestly it's just gotten harder. But YES -- these are all VERy important still.


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