4 Cleaning Products that I Swear By

The past week, we have been doing a lot of general cleaning in our home. The stay out help has left which was apparently a blessing in disguise because we found out that instead of cleaning our home, she has simply been stashing dirt and trash in the nook and crannies of our home.

This explained why:

1. there was always a certain smell permeating that we could not pinpoint
2. there were clothes that have gone missing (found them in storage that were meant for floor cleaners)
3. our stomach always ached (the storage for our dishes was DISGUSTINGLY dirty)

Now because we have taken over cleaning, we've been using a lot of products that would help us out. I have learned so much from my Mom in how to clean oily dishes, slippery floors, and even tiles that have gone really dirtied and sullied.

I also learned of alternatives to popular products and even some organic ways to clean things. Since a couple of friends have asked for the list of products that I used at home, I decided to create this post.

Let's be clear. THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. 

1. To clean oily dishes and pan, POUR HOT WATER first on it and let it sit for a few minutes. Do not immediately use liquid soap or dish paste.

Once the hot water has sat for a few minutes, you can rinse the dish or pan then use liquid soap on the dish or dish paste on the pan. 

If the oiliness is still present, wash the dish 2-3x. This really is the only way you can get rid of the oil or grim. There's no shortcut to this but the hot water cuts it down by 75%.

That ad saying that ISANG PATAK is not true. Trust me. It's not. 

2. To bring back dirty tiles to it's former glory, you can scub until your fingers are bare to the bones OR you can use Zonrox. Pour Zonrox on the tiles and leave it overnight. An alternative to Zonrox is Winrox. They have the same effect and Winrox is cheaper.

The next day, pour water to wash off the Zonrox and see your tiles come back to it's former glory. Then you can go ahead and do some light scrubbing and cleaning.

3. If you have dogs or cats and they are not litter trained, their pee or poo tend to leave a certain smell. Scoop the dirt or wash off the pee then pour detergent soap doused in water on the soiled spot. Leave it for 3 minutes then scrub. This guarantees that the smell will go away. You can also pour lemon or peppermint oil on the water or mop you will use to seal in the smell and leave the house smelling good.

4. If you're cleaning your toilet's nook and cranny, you can also use Mr. Muscle. Much like Zonrox, do the cleaning after taking a bath. Once you're done, you can put Mr Muscle on all the nooks and crannies of the bathroom and also on the sink edges and corners as well as the toilet bowl. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.

You will see that grime has dissipated and your bathroom will smell and look brand new.

Hope that helped you guys out. If you have questions on other cleaning things, just leave a comment down below.

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  1. These are great tips! Especially the last one. I haven't tried Mr. Muscle yet. I've been using pumice stone for the toilet bowl but it can't get to the bottom so I've been looking for a liquid one to do the job. I've tried Tuff but it was too tough that it damaged our toilet seat. haha. Had to buy a new one. Anyway, hope Mr. Muscle would work.

    1. You should try it. Our entire family swears by it.


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