Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Sole Retreat by Okada Manila

One of the things that I have sorely missed during this pregnancy is a good old massage and foot spa. You know, the one where you get taken to dreamland upon the touch of the therapist and you leave feeling like there's no problem in the world that can hurt you or stress you.

This is what The Sole Retreat by Okada promises and this is definitely where you will find me soon as I give birth which is just about any time now.

Thankfully, my Mom and brother were able to give this place a try and the praises and compliments they mentioned made me want to cry with envy but at the same time, propelled me to really commit to visiting this place sometime in February.

This is the waiting area or welcome lobby of The Sole Retreat Foot Spa by Okada.

This is how the inside looks like. I love that there's enough privacy if you are going by yourself but you can also make small talk if you are with friends or family.

I have to say that I am impressed with how things were designed. The chairs are definitely comfortable and the fact that it turns into a bed is really impressive.

The fact that the foot soak is also in place is definitely a plus sign because it can be quite awkward having someone clean your feet and be given a mild scrub then have to walk to where the actual massage area is. It defeats the purpose so I'm really appreciative of the thinking The Sole Retreat has given this aspect of the massage.

Here's my Mom trying out the manicure and pedicure. She's very picky so when she said that she loved how well they handled her nails, I knew that they must have trained their people really well. She normally has a lot to say but this time, she actually booked another session already with them. Talk about impressing someone not so easily impressed.

My brother, on the other hand, tried out their massage and facial.

They told him that the effect of his facial would be instantaneous and when I saw him, I believed them. For a minute, I thought he was wearing a foundation because his skin looked flawless!

However, their specialty is really their foot spa and reflexology.

The Sole Retreat Foot Spa and Reflexology Center offers high-quality spa-beauty-wellness-grooming treatments complemented by an exclusive range of products. Heal your spirit with Ingham Method that uses rhythmic finger and thumb walking technique that gives the benefit of pressure point therapy without the pain. The second signature treatment to stimulate good health is Asian Reflexology that uses deep finger, thumb- knuckle pressure and rubbing technique where pain represents the sensitivity of the nerve ending, which, should diminish over a series of treatments. Rejuvenate yourself with foot reflexology and other full-body traditional Asian massage techniques plus western facials, advanced hand/foot care.

For full relaxation and an overall luxurious spa experience, The Sole Retreat Foot Spa and Reflexology Center is equipped with 22 individual luxury foot spa thrones and 1 private lounge with 5 thrones. Each throne is adjustable to cater to a full-body dry-massage, facial, manicure/pedicure, nail art service or even eyelash enhancement.

This modern foot reflexology center transports guests to a place that can help them physically recharge and mentally decompress. The tranquil and contemporary setting is conducive to make every guest feel lighter on their feet, grounded and connected, and revitalized after every treatment. Wellness and grooming services can be delivered fully-clothe individually or simultaneously to supplement your active lifestyle especially if you are pressed for time. Should you not want your clothes to be used for the massage, a Massage Pajama is available upon request.

The therapeutic journey only takes an hour to an hour and a half. All one has to do is enjoy a ten-minute warm foot soak with shoulder and neck massage, then choose a treatment and cap it off with a ten-minute leg massage, full-body stretch, and application of aroma therapeutic sap patches to address specific needs.

The Sole Retreat Foot Spa and reflexology is now open. Visit and experience a new level of wellness and relaxation at 3rd Floor, Coral Wing, Okada Manila. For reservations and inquiries, you may call (+63)2 8555 5778 or e-mail


  1. This is what every woman needs after child birth. A relaxing retreat.

  2. What a clever name that spa has! So glad you had such a nourishing and relaxing experience.

  3. Oh my goodness this place looks amazing. I havent been to a spa in forever!

  4. after being pregnant year after year, i wasnt able to visit spas or the like. not too late still and i hope i get to experience the many perks of spa services

  5. You skin looks refreshed. You can tell it's glowing as well.

  6. I'm glad you were able to find time to enjoy and relax. I think I'll have a few hours layover in MNL before heading to the States will definitely be checking this spa out

  7. Who doesn’t love some pampering and down time in the spa?

  8. This sounds amazing! I will have to find a foot spa near me!

  9. That looks like a wonderful place to visit and relax. Definitely looked like you had a great time there.

  10. Omg wow. Their services look amazing. I would definitely love to check out this place.


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