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We got it all for you!

This is the tagline that you would always hear whenever the word SM is mentioned. After all, they offer everything you can possibly imagine and more as long as it's legal to sell.

However, with the onset of online shopping, one would wonder if SM is still relevant. I mean, why go through the hassle of going out and going against a potential crowd when you can simply shop online?

Well, SM took care of that for you by launching the ShopSM.

ShopSM is your online store version of any SM mall you have ever been to minus the hassle of commuting, falling in line, and going against a massive crowd that is perpetually present in almost all SM stores.

ShopSM allows you to go through so many choices that is available in any SM store at your convenience, in the comfort of your home, and while lounging around in your pajamas or even while lying in bed.

I ordered stuff 3 days ago from SM and it arrived today.

I loved that it was well packed. You can see that they really did not scrimp on the packaging and everything was placed intentionally to ensure that there would be no damage.

They also maximized the space inside which I really appreciated.

They even have the tag price of the items you ordered and you will see that items that have been put on sale are truly on sale when you buy them on the website versus you going to their physical store. Now this is a definite WIN in my book.

They also sell stuff that is available in their kiosk inside the department store which gives you a whole variety of things to choose from. This one is from Kultura which easily transforms into a foldable duffle bag.

They offer a variety of payment options as well. I chose COD and didn't have a problem at all with payments. The courier had change and was very respectful. If you do live in a private subdivision or village that charges big delivery vans, make sure you are ready to also pay the gate fee. ShopSM delivers boxes in a four-wheeler as opposed to a small car.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my online shopping experience with ShopSM. I feel like they were able to merge the old with the new and come up with something that is unchartered territory but already feels like home. 

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  1. Sounds like a great thing, I love online shopping its so fun and easy! ill have to check this place out.

  2. I love online shopping but rarely use it because my country has very high custom and taxes so every time i order something I regret it later lol All things look so cute!

  3. Shopping online is a fantastic experience but sometimes you get what you never bargain for, this one is worth trying.

  4. Oooh well I do love online shopping, sounds like something I need to look into! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  5. So near to use this ShopSM. Thanks for sharing your experience as it adds to the details I need before my first transaction

  6. This looks like a very convenient alternative to visiting the mall, although for clothes shopping I still like to try things on before making a purchase.

  7. I've never heard of ShopSM before. The online shopping experience sounds like it was wonderful though. I'll have to try it out for myself soon.

  8. That's really cool. It's neat how nowadays we don't even have to leave our homes to shop.

  9. I'm a loyal SM shopper so it's great news that I can shop easier through their website.

  10. I like that you know the actual amount of savings you're getting. This sounds like a win in my book too.

  11. I have never heard of ShopSM...but I will be looking into it...thanks for sharing!

  12. Never been heard about this online shop app. Will definitely check that out. And those items are so cute.

  13. It really looks very well packed - I love to shop online for some things but then other things I would rather go to the store for :)

  14. Oh this is great news for us. We have an SM near us but sometimes the traffic gets really heavy. It's awesome that SM has thought of going online as well. And great that your order was well packaged.


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