Review: doTERRA's Whisper Blend for Women

When I first heard about Whisper Blend for Women from doTERRA, I was a bit baffled. Why is this just for women? What's the effect? How do you use it? How will it affect men?

Apparently this blend can be used as a perfume. Since it combines with the chemicals in your body, the smell will always differ from women to women.

I've used this and thankfully, the combination on my skin gave out a soft womanly scent. It wasn't strong nor overpowering. It was just right. It's musky, warm, spicy, soft, yet sweet.

This one is made up of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang's euphoric aromas combined with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, and Cinnamon as well as Cocoa.

You just need to apply this to the wrist, back of the neck, and other pulse points to give off a distinct and individual fragrance. You can also diffuse it or dispense one to two drops on your palm and rub on clothing.

If you need a scent that will be distinctly unique, Whisper Blend from doTERRA is a great option that you should consider.

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