Sunday, January 26, 2020

Lemongrass House in Dusit Thani

A few days ago, I reviewed the essential oils of Lemongrass. Some of you asked if they have other products and I can honestly say that they have a TON of products.

What I liked about Lemongrass House is that they included babies and pets in their product line. After all, pets have become part of the family now and so they should be taken care of.

I personally have fallen in love with some of their products so one of the things I need to do soon is to drop by and buy some of the items that will be listed down below.

Lemongrass offers lip balms that are organic and shea butter to help combat stretch marks. I know that I will be needing a lot of this because I have been itching like crazy on my 9th month of pregnancy which guarantees the presence of stretch marks after I give birth.

They also have candles and if you have seen my home or office, you know that candles are one of my biggest obsession. I have candles everywhere and I make sure to light one when I feel undue stress.

These reed diffusers are good for the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. It helps to keep the smell fresh and inviting. It also lasts for at least 3 months so it's not wasteful at all.

They have organic products to be used on your pets available as well. I was able to get a dog shampoo for my dog and he was literally cleaner afterward. I also noticed that he wasn't sneezing afterward. When I use ordinary shampoo to bathe him, he ends up sneezing like crazy. Guess there really are harmful chemicals in there.

They also offer bars of soap. I tried the Wild Mint and liked it. I did wish that it had more of the mint zing to it like the Peppermint Soap of Pinto Museum. However, this one was also good and the bar of soap lasts for 2 months (it did with me.)

For those who may be interested, Lemongrass is located inside Dusit Thani. 


  1. I love lemongrass essential oil. The arroma helps a lot to relax. Glad. They have more products.

  2. I love the idea of organic products for your pets. So much better for the environment and so much nicer for the pets too.

  3. I love lemon essential oils, they are the best. so many great products. thanks for sharing

  4. Oh wow, those were a really great products. I just love all of them especially the Soy Wax Candles.


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