Review: DnB Korean Skincare

I've always been particular about my skin. I don't just use anything on it and when I do try something, I make sure to review it thoroughly before I even apply it on my skin because I worry that I might get allergies or rashes.

When I was introduced to DnB Korean Skincare, I didn't hesitate trying it out because my skin is actually compatible with Korean Skincare. I did feel a bit iffy about the horse oil cream but took a chance and gave it a try.

The DnB Snail Premium Foam Cleansing wash works wonders on my skin. Since I became pregnant, I've had bad skin. It became dry which was really alarming. When I started using this, I saw an improvement. It's not a miracle worker but it definitely improved the appearance and feel of my skin.

It is also a very effective skin cleanser. After I use this and I use a toner to get rid of dirt that may have been left over, there is minimal that is left on my skin.

Since I am now almost in my 40s, a good moisturizer is needed. This DnB Emerang Mayu Horse Oil Cream does the job. I put it on at night and it is instantly absorbed by my skin. When I wake up in the morning, I can actually feel that my skin is softer and smoother after prolonged use.

The DnB Korean Skincare line may be new to the Philippines but I have a strong feeling that this one will be staying for a long time simply because it works and is effective.

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