are you okay?

Are you okay?

It was such a simple question asked after the heat of the moment, after the anger, and the irritation had died down but it meant a lot. Normally when I get into a fight with someone and we hurtle words at each other and say painful things, it never ends well. When D and I fight and for some reason we have been fighting a lot more since Cebu, it can go from someone walking out but coming back to just being really awkwardly quiet. However, D has a way of breaking the ice and just getting things back on track.

Are you okay?

He stared at me before he asked this. I felt it. I felt the stare, the questions in his head, his eyes searching for a sign that I was ready to talk and not blow up in his face the moment he asks me something. He didn't know that all I really needed was a hug. A hug and a sorry would have done the trick, would have eased off any hurt inflicted. A hug always works with me.

It was a miscommunication obviously so I'm sorry. 

Just like that my anger went away. The pain eased and that heavy feeling in my heart left. All I could do was say okay. He looks at me with that look he gives when he is trying not to laugh but ends up laughing anyway. I can't help but laugh with him. I always laugh with him.

He frustrates me like no one can and he makes me so mad when he becomes an ass but when he says sorry, I can't stay mad at him anymore no matter how much I want to. I've never been able to stay mad longer than an hour if I was going to be honest about it but he can stay mad at me for days. He can stay mad at me and I know that one day, he will get mad, walk away, and never come back.

Are you okay?
Will you be okay?
I don't know.

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