Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yeppunonnie KBeauty with JayPark

Since last quarter of the year, I have become friends with this pretty blogger. We've become close and one time early this January, she asked me if I was free o the 24th at 8pm. After checking my calendar I said that I was and penned in "event with Jaja" o the 24th. I had no idea where we were going but I trusted her so I didn't even check further. Last week, I saw a post on social media about Kbeauty with JayPark. I asked her what it was and if she was going. She then replied "that's where we are going!" TOINK. Hahahaha.

I honestly thought it was a place where they would be selling Korean beauty products and so I readied myself to resist temptation. I told myself I had too much makeup already and too much skincare which I rarely use.


It was such a DAEBAK (Korean word for amazing) event that I did not mind being there from 830pm till 1am. Yes, I stayed that long in a club. This Titas of Manila rocked the night with her chinggu (Korean word for friend) and we actually enjoyed hahaha.

It seems that Kbeauty event was actually to showcase the different Korean brands that are available in Korea and will soon hit the market. I mean we all know Etude, Tony Moly, Innisfree, and Nature Replublic but a lot of us have never heard of AbbaMart, Amini, IPKN, 3WC, AERY JO, and Make Up Helper. Probably the real hardcore make up enthusiasts or skin care enthusiasts but people like myself will be like "w0000ttt???"

Jaja and I went around and much to our surprise, they were actually giving out samples and mind you, the Koreans know how to give samples coz they gave the actual product size. EMERGGGHHHHHAADDDDDD!

Isn't it crazy the amount of freebies that I got? I'm so excited to review the brow things as well as the lippies. The skin care all went to my Mom though coz she's into that more than I am. Oh she also has the BB cushion.I am so happy that I have 10 new lippies to try on for #lipsticklovebyK on my IG. I've actually tried Lip Manicre High Fix and OMO (Korean word for WOW or something similar) it did not stain or transfer. I took a bath already and there is still a gradient effect on my lips. Talk about long lasting but what I like is that it does not dry your lips. It just dries but keeps your lips smooth.

I'm so excited to share with you all my finds and my soon to be new favorites. Yes, I'm confident about it because Korean cosmetics and skincare is love. SERIOUSLY. So I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will try to do 1 to 2 minute clips and follow me on Instagram and Twitter :)

Some of the items you need to watch out for:


  1. I was on the event too! I think I saw you there. Super agree that it was such an amazing night especially for us make-up lovers! :)

  2. Omg you got sooo much!!!! You obviously had fun haha!

    From Manila with Love Blog

  3. those lippies and the hair cleanser (shampoo?) looks really nice! that beauty haul IG post, are those all the freebies you get? I love kbeauty products because they are always so nicely packaged and look super interesting!

    1. All of them were freebie! ALL OF THEM. GAH! I'm still giggling over how many it was.


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