Monday, January 23, 2017

you're so intimidating ...

Seriously, if I earn a thousand for every single time that I have heard the line "you're so intimidating" or "ang intimidating mo naman," I would be a millionaire twice over by now. Men have been telling me that for as long as I can remember. It would either be that I have too strong a personality or I'm too "smart" or too driven / successful.


At some point, I did downplay my achievements and even my work just so it wouldn't scare off a guy but eventually, they either google me or find out my social media accounts and then it starts all over again. I've come to realize that I should not have to dumb myself down or downplay my achievements just for some worthless guy's ego. If he can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I will never be right for someone who isn't right for me. I will never be good enough for someone who has judged me already so I just need to go on with my life and continue slaying the world to achieve my goals. As long as I don't intentionally hurt anyone to get what I want, I should be okay in life and if I am still intimidating to men, well honey, it's not my fault you're such a baby. This Momma will remain fierce.


  1. "I will never be good enough for someone who has judged me already." Good. It is better that you know that person because the last thing you want is to be with a person who is judgmental and too assuming. The more opinionated a person is, the less objective. But that's just me.

    Men in general are intimidated by strong women. Period. There is no argument there. It's in the DNA. I am not saying 100% pero most. Because primarily, we were brought up in a culture and society where men are to do things and lead, but despite the macho image, there is a lot of insecurity inside. Strong women then comes off as threatening.

  2. This is certainly true but for the most part, driven women pay no mind to boys, anyway :) Keep doing your thing, hun! you are doing so well! The best us will attract the best people.

  3. I wish I have your confidence :( I never find myself intimidating, although I want to because I'm the kind of person who likes to have no one in her way and likes to be followed everytime, well I guess that's intimidating too but I mostly keep my soft side. One fourth of me may be intimidating but to be honest I'm really sensitive haha :D

  4. I can relate! I've heard these lines countless times in the past, especially when I was still single. I got married late and people usually said that it was because I intimidate men. Well, I didn't want to be untrue to myself. If I intimidate men, I'm not sorry. I just thought that those who do not have the courage to approach me or court me are too weak for me. My husband said that in the beginning, he was intimidated also by my achievements and position. I met him in my book launch and he was one of those who asked for his copy to be signed. Eventually, he found out I was a Human Resource Manager of a company. But, he still took the chance to court me. That made me consider him and the rest is history! ;)

  5. This should be true. I haven't met a man yet though who has been comfortable with a woman's success more than his own. At least not personally. I agree with you that we shouldn't have to dumb ourselves down so that a man would like us. I guess the right man will come along (if ever!) and will see a women's strength as something positive.

  6. Totally true, I do not know why some men are intimidated when you're well-groomed

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