Friday, January 13, 2017

Maybelline: Make Up from Day to Night

One of the things that makes make up challenging is when you need to be out the whole day and still have somewhere to go to at night. Admit it, it's not like you can carry your entire make up kit as well as make up remover, brushes, wet wipes and any other ammunition you need to put your game face on. You still need to look fashionable and pretty and that won't do if you have a big, bulky bag filled with all your paraphernalias right?

Luckily for us, Maybelline understands how we feel and has come up with a few things to help us smoothly transition from day make up to night. Actually, the look I will show you can both pass from day to night.

For this post, we will talk about the Super BB cushion (first time to use one) and the Matte Lipstick as well as the HyperInk Liquid Liner. 

So the Super BB Cushion is actually like a liquid foundation but in compact form. A you can see, it looks like it is dry and I thought it was but when I pressed the cushion, it was actually a bit wet. This means that you need to press lightly and dab on your face very gently then just do a circular motion to make sure that the color is even.

Another thing that I really loved about this is that it did not feel heavy on the face. It felt barely there and it was just easily absorbed by my skin which is wonderful because it's really hot here in the Philippines and the last thing I would want on my face is something sticky and gross.

This HyperInk easily dries which is pretty wonderful for someone like me coz I tend to move a lot and do a lot of things so if it doesn't easily dry up, I'd end up looking like a raccoon. However, if you are not that good with putting on eyeliners, you may want to practice a bit so you can avoid having multi lines on your eyes or end up looking like you just decided to make it an eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner. This used to happen to me a lot before when I was really new. 

Now these matte lipsticks are just the bomb. I love it because it makes a statement and even after eating, the color stays though not 100% of course. It's not a miracle worker but it is good because throughout the day, I only had to retouch after having a meal and it's only to fill in the inside of the lips. I still had color but of course I wanted that OOMPH on my face. The first shade you see is Ruby Red and the second one is Divine Wine which is a little darker and more sophisticated while the Ruby is a bit more flirtatious and classic.

So now that I've discussed these products, here's the final look using these products. The first photo, I'm wearing the Ruby Red and the on the second one, I'm wearing the Divine Wine lipstick.

As you can see, both looks pass for day wear (if you feel like making a statement during meetings or brunch) and night time when you just want to have a quiet dinner or even party on the dance floor. You just need to bring your lippie and retouch when needed. No need to lug so many things because with Maybelline, they #makeithappen. 


  1. I love your make up posts as I want to learn how to do my own make up this year. A bit late, but yeah trying something different.I love the Ruby Red lipstick. I think this was the one I wore during my wedding :)

  2. I am not much into make up but just like most girls, I would want to look beautiful or at least presentable. Recently, a friend conducted a make up tutorial. I find it real helpful for a homemaker like me who seldom go outside. At least, I now know how to draw an eyebrow and what to put on a face to conceal blemishes and the like. That Maybelline Super BB cushion seems to be a perfect solution. I hope to make time visiting the mall to buy me one. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I'm a sucker for matte lipsticks. Last year, I threw away all my gloss lipsticks and restocked with matte! Ruby looks stunning on you! Good to know it has a very good staying power. I like how the BB Cushion works - wet foundation in a compact form! That's cool.

  4. I have fallen in loveeee with matte lippies but have yet to try some from Mayeblline. I do constantly buy Maybellines mascaras though hehe. Ive also been looking for a new eyeliner to practice the winged look hehe.

  5. I love Maybelline products! The first ever make-up product that I used is actually from Maybelline. I still remember buying that Maybelline face powder. I was like a happy girl who fell in love for the first time! I still use Maybelline products now, like their mascara and also the matte lipsticks! I'm curious with the HyperInk though. It is the first time I've heard of it. Is it waterproof? I really want to try it out. :)

  6. These Maybaline colors look really nice on you. I have not bought any of their products in quite some time. I do like being able to put on your day makeup and then dress it up at night, very nice colors and will have to take a look at the eye liner.

  7. I tried the BB Cushion today. I'm satisfied that it concealed my blemishes and almost have the same effect as the brand I've been using for years. I'm just staying at home the whole day so I dunno yet how this will react to my skin if exposed to heat. I hope I won't get oily.

  8. You're so right! I hate it when I have an event in the evening straight after work. Meaning my name up should stay in place all day. I prefer doing my make up just before leaving. I like the make up. It looks great on you. And I agree. Suitable for day and night. I love that bb cream.


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