Monday, December 19, 2016

no more appearances

Me: Do you ever think of me? Do you remember me when you're busy?
Him: You make regular guest appearances in my head.

This was around 1.5 months ago.

It has been 3 days now that I have not heard from him. I don't know what I said wrong or what happened but he just stopped replying to my message. I knew that he was losing interest but I thought it was just me being my paranoid self. Apparently, I was spot on.


It really shouldn't matter you know. Seriously, it shouldn't. Sino ba sya? He's just some guy I went out with 3x. Why should he matter? So what if he and I talked endlessly for almost 2 months. I'm not a stapler. I shouldn't get easily attached.

But I do.

And it hurts ... a lot.

I'll get over this. I know that much about myself by now. It just hurts though because ...

I really should just stop caring. I don't understand people who keep saying that we should continue to love and care like we have never been hurt before because seriously, how can you continuously put yourself out there?

I don't understand why guys that I like just seem to go away.

Really, it's not. All I wanted is to just have someone to go to at the end of the day and talk with. All I want is to have someone who I can have fun with and hang out with. All I want is to have someone to share my life with and it seems, there is no one.

I really should just stop. It's over for me. It really is over for me and love.


  1. There, there. I know everyone wants someone to be with. But I am pretty sure someone right will come to you. If he's not showing up, I bet he's not worth it.

    1. It's just tiring to keep meeting someone and feeling something for someone not worth it in the end.

  2. Ang lungkot namn.. aww.
    Does he know that you blog?
    Maybe he had already read this.
    If he still won't give a ring or even a single message. Detach.

    1. He does but he doesn't know my site. He claimed he never looked me up online. It's been 5 days. I think it's over.

  3. Someday you'll meet the right guy, who'll stay even if you don't ask him to, who'll never forget you without having to remind him that you're there. You'll meet him, maybe not now, but in the right time. Sounds cliche but maybe you have to wait more passively this time, to avoid getting hurt na rin hehe XD

    1. I waited passively for 3 years. I guess I'll just keep waiting for more.


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