Sunday, December 11, 2016

loving the broken parts of you ....

Why are you happy that I like you? 
Aren't we too old to be infatuated? 

I think in a way we don't know much about each other in the sense that I have no idea what ticks you or what your favorites are but we know parts of each other that other people could never know and I think its beautiful. We know the ugly side of one another and yet we haven't thrown in the towel and said fuck this, you're psycho. There is beauty in liking the ugly side of someone. It makes for a better foundation for whatever will start because it is NOT infatuation coz how can you be infatuated with something that is not beautiful?

I wrote this a month or so ago when we just started seeing each other. A month has passed and we haven't seen each other anymore but we have stayed in touch and you have managed one way or another to be there for me virtually. You remind me when I'm being petulant to act like the grown up that I am supposed to be and you cheer me on when haters get to me.

The other day I told you:

We are each others casualty in the luck
that life has thrown at us
for we will always choose other priorities
over the feelings we have for each other. 

I think that if we really look at it, we are not jumping in the pool of togetherness because although we may have healed, we are not fully healed and we have a lot of things we still want to prove to the world and to ourselves. In a lot of ways, we are still broken and we are still putting together the many pieces of us that others shattered. What's beautiful about it is that we are there for each other ... even just as someone who are more than friends but not fully lovers.

I have come to accept your flaws and the fact that you can be quite distracted. You have accepted that I can be petulant and immature, sometimes even insecure. If we continue this, I think in the end, we may actually come to love the broken parts of us and I think that is a beautiful thing.


  1. Beautiful insight to what makes you tick, Kathy. I think the greatest love of all is when one can love the flaws. In fact, it is the flaws that humanizes a person. There is no perfection, after all, in this world. So flawless is the new beautiful.

  2. i wish you luck on your love life Kathy. I'm not sure if you are still in contact with that guy but seems like you are head over heels. I agree with your thoughts about accepting each others flaws and that is beautiful. Love the song " Almost is never enough" thanks for recommending.

  3. I admire how frank you can be and show that you can also be vulnerable. I admire you more for accepting the hurt and acknowledging it may still hurt. I only wish for your happiness. And his as well.

  4. It is acceptance that we want from others. It is through this that we get to be bold and more confident. Our flaws make us vulnerable but it is a great feeling to never hide it to that special person in your life.

  5. Every human is unique and all come with flaws. If we are to truly form a bond we need to accept that. Trying to change someone rarely works and why would you want to anyway. Very insightful piece.

  6. Healing is a process without shortcuts. Everybody needs this period after the heartaches to be able to love and live again. Every failed relationship makes us feel dead inside-whether you choose to live with it or choose to leave it behind is your choose. Healing takes time...go through day at a time....

  7. Hmmm, sounds like a scene from a movie. I do wish you luck with your love life Ms. Kathy! I know, someday, someone is going to love you because you're beautiful as the poem you wrote. For now, enjoy life! :)

  8. Time heals everything. I think every relationship is a lesson to become a better you but the only thing is that it has its own ways which are difficult to deal with. Heartaches are one of the most difficult times in life and it is totally up to you

  9. What a beautiful post, Kathy. This is a very honest post and it's brave of you to share something so personal. If you can't love all parts of a person, including their flaws, then I would say that you don't really love them at all. True love is accepting the bad as well as the good - "for better or for worse" etc.

  10. Beautifully written. Very bold and brave to share your feelings in a post. I don't know if I have the guts to write about my broken relationships but I like your courage. I hope I can be brave like that. All love has flaws. It's how we adjust to those hurts that makes us stronger.

  11. Very beautiful and inspiring text. How Nice is it to meet someone and fall in love. The beginning of a love is always so powerful and lovely. I remember when I met my husband... good times :)

  12. A beautifully-written piece. Indeed, it is in loving the other person's ugly and broken parts that we truly experience love. Not really easy, I guess that is why most people say love is hard work and is a commitment. Allow me to just share this lovely quote by Ernest Hemingway:

    "We are all broken, that's how the light gets in."

    I believe we ought to revel in our brokenness as from it a lovely part of us will emerge soon!

  13. I love this post for being so human (and I am inspired by bloggers who can share such insights). There are many things I can relate to as a woman and as a human being. Everyone has flaws. Who doesnt? I have always believed that true love is only real if you can love beyond flaws..beyond imperfections :)


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