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Why do you have a Starbucks Planner?

This was a question often posted to me when I post my yearly photos with my newly acquired Starbucks planner. Those who do not know me think that I am just joining the hype and making the planner a status symbol while those who do know me, know that I have been collecting these Starbucks planners since it started way back in 2003. I know this because it was my first year of becoming addicted to Starbucks since I was working for a call center.

I have a planner because I have plans in life, thoughts to write down, and memories to preserve. 

The Starbucks planner has seen me through so many ups and downs. It has seen me meet so many interesting people because I would always ask the person in front of me if he or she was getting his sticker and if not, then I'd introduce myself and ask for it. Sometimes, when I have too many stickers, I have also given it to someone who needs it more.

The Starbucks planner is not just another planner to me. It is tradition. I give the 2nd planner I get to my little brother who uses it religiously and I give the rest to friends who may not be coffee drinkers but wants to have it. I give out the ones I get but do not have anyone to give to anymore to random strangers. It also becomes a reason to induce mandatory get together so that you can meet friends and get their stickers for your planner. Hitting two birds with one stone is what I always say while my friends grumble wholeheartedly.

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Sticker collecting can be a happy moment for a lot of people. Families and friends can help each other out which is what I initially forced the people around me to do but has now become a tradition. I'm glad that there is one other thing that I can look forward to during the Christmas season and it is completing the stickers on my Starbucks card.

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What's your Starbucks planner story? 

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  1. I've been collecting Starbucks planners for almost 7 years now.I use my planner to list all my upcoming vacation here or abroad. The most important thing is I write all my expenses in it daily. It actually help me save money and spend wisely. :)

  2. As a mom of four boys and a grandmother to one, it becomes such a chore to move from one task to the other -- personal or business. Sometimes, forgetting some to-do along the way! Planners help me remember tasks to its smallest of details and for years, I have been using the Starbucks planner. This year, I had to cut my coffee expenses and my "me" time because of my grandson. I enjoy taking care of him but this means my planner pursuit will be slowed down and possibly shifted. LifeisKulayful, I want, need, and have a planner because it allows me to be the OC, detail oriented businesswoman that I am while enjoying being a mom and a grandmother.

  3. It's not easy for me to collect all the 18 stars because I buy and drink every single frappe which means I gain weight and lose money after the promo. But it is very rewarding once I get my hands on the Starbucks planner! I want one because I use it to organize my schedules may it be for work, blogging and of course special occassions. I am not getting any younger and I tend to forget things and that's where the planner comes into play. It helps me in my everyday activities and it also pushes me to get creative in designing each page. Love to have one ms. Kenny! I'm actually on my 10th sticker as of the moment but I feel like giving up already. Lol

  4. To be honest, being a lactose intolerant, pretty much allergic to most ingredients (sad life, I know - and what's worse is that I found these allergies happened just a wee 2 years ago) and having few friends who enjoy Starbucks (as some will just save their bucks off), it is really hard to collect stickers. What I like the most about Starbucks planner (when I look at someone else's) it's very pretty and it makes you feel everything is organized when you know that life can be drastic and hard sometime. I cannot consider myself as a planner addict but getting my hands on a planner inspires me to do more in the future and look back at the things I have done at the end of the year. I am a Pharmacy Student aand having a great planner like this inspires me to do more and do my best for the future.

  5. Honestly, I couldn't afford to buy a starbucks planner that's why every year I am joining SB planner giveaway as always... And I seldom go to SB to order coffee or frap! Haha! But how can you not love the theme and design of this latest planner from Starbucks.. And I badly, envy want a new one. I want the coffee stain design planner. ;) It would be such a inspiring and motivation to keeps track of daily tasks and appointments, stores important events to remember, organizes various goals and records special memories and moments this coming 2017.. I do believe I deserve to have one! :))

  6. I just love collecting starbucks items anything about Starbucks makes me happy and I don't know why. Hehe. I want to win this planner so I only have three planners left to collect:)

  7. Gusto ko manalo ng Starbucks planner dahil gusto ko itong iregalo sa aking panganay na anak. Mahilig sya sa kape at sigurado akong magugustuhan nya ang planner kapag binigay ko ito sa kanya.


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