Friday, December 23, 2016

Life on Mars in the eyes of a Child

Life on Mars 

When I was a kid, I have always wondered what it would be like to live in another planet? When I grew up and I started watching movies where aliens eat people and invade Earth, I lost the curiosity. Blame it on Hollywood but I thought, it's better to just stay on Earth and be the only specie existing.

This all changed when I saw the preview of MARS on NAT GEO. It made me believe once again in the possibility that we could live on MARS or more probable is that my son could live on MARS.


Bridging the space between science and science fiction, MARS tells the story of mankind’s thrilling quest to colonize the Red Planet. This global television event redefines on-air storytelling by combining film-quality scripted drama and visual effects with a powerful documentary interviewing some of the best and brightest minds in modern science and innovation, including Elon Musk.

The scripted portion of MARS follows a crew of six fictitious astronauts in the year 2033 as they travel to Mars aboard the spacecraft Daedalus – Earth’s first-ever crewed mission to the Red Planet. When the uniquely qualified Daedalus crew arrive on Mars, they explore astounding wonders and grapple with unexpected challenges as they work to set up humanity’s first colony on the Distant Planet.

MARS also showcases an unprecedented collection of interviews with the world’s leading scientific minds. As the fictional story of the Daedalus crew unfolds, television audiences will hear real interviews with some of the most fascinating people on Earth, including astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; business magnate and inventor Elon Musk; Andy Weir, author of The Martian (adapted into an Oscar-nominated film starring Matt Damon);  and former NASA astronauts Charles Bolden, John Grunsfeld and James Lovell.

The show’s stars include South Korean-born singer, composer, and multimedia artist JiHAE, playing Mission Pilot Hana Seung; and Ben Cotton, known for sci-fi productions ranging from Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome to The Chronicles of Riddick, who takes on the role of American Mission Commander Ben Sawyer.


Due to my fascination, I started to wonder if my son would actually be interested in living on Mars and coz we had time, I decided to do a vlog of him and his answers. It was actually very interesting hearing the thoughts of an 11 year old child about life on MARS. 

National Geographic asks “Are You Ready” for life on Mars?

For those who would like to see the teaser and for more information: 

For those who would like to experience MARS because who wouldn't? Drop by here to know more details.


  1. I still have not watched this show even though my cable channel has is almost every day! I did not know it is a so good production! I ve seen the movie with Matt Damon, it is very good and I think that this show probably will be the best of its kind! I have to watch it asap!

  2. I saw this title but has not had the chance to watch but definitely, it is on my list. Now. Mars. Isn't it fascinating, that man could live somewhere outside earth? The truth is that before that happens, there will be people dying. The first explorers. Either they pave the way, or they die in vain when people here decide it is not worth it. But then again, the unknown resources of Mars is irresistible for governments.

  3. Books and board games! You are so cool! I like your choices!

    By the way, your son is very positive and cheery! I like how he sees things. Good job, Mommy!

    Looking forward to watch MARS. I am interested in this little planet. My son likes to live on MARS as well. He wanted to participate in Mars One program. :)

  4. I've been waiting for this for a long time now! I love anything space related hehe. Have you heard of the Mars One mission? I think their sending up some people there in 2020, you should definitely check it out hehe. I'm really excited about what might happen!

  5. I've been avoiding this mars show for a while thinking it would be just a documentary but you have convince me to give another chance. I have a friend who is purposefully living his life to make it to mars. Your son is such a clever boy I hope he does get to mars!

  6. I saw the ad of this series on tv and wanted to watch it but never had the time. Sounds interesting. Good to know our next generation is interested in exploring the other planets.

  7. Hi MsKathyKenny,

    This is an interesting and fascinating topic. I like that you took the opportunity to involve your son in your interest on Mars with a vlog interview.

    I think we may probably not achieve living in Mars in our lifetime, that is why I don't think much about it. But because I am into music and arts, I will share with you 3 songs titled "Life On Mars" with Spotify links which I like.

    "Life On Mars" by Anggun

    "Life on Mars" by The Moffatts

    "Life on Mars" by David Bowie

    I hope that you enjoy them and that it spark you and your son's imagination about life on Mars.


  8. Hi, The Angry Planet has been a fascinating place for the mankind all these years. Though the first man landed on the moo nearly 50 years back, we have had tough luck on Mars.
    Though I am not a space movie aficionado, I hope this ignited interest in the minds of our young ones who too deep into computers and the internet.

  9. Involving kids through a blog or vlog is always a wonderful thing for me. Now, about the show, I honestly haven't heard of this since it's not my favorite genre but this seems interesting. I know Neil deGrasse Tyson because he's a famous meme in the internet. Actually, I've been wondering for so long if we could actually live on other planets just like here on Earth.

  10. I haven't watch the movie but I've read some articles that the experiment of growing plants was a success in that planet, but it takes a lot of time, I've heard they harvested some vegetables and wad delivered here on earth for more studies and improvements.

  11. I've heard about Mars and the possibility of staying there way back when I was still in my grade school. It used to be the source of our debate way back when we were still young. Your son is truly has a wide range of understanding and he's curiosity will bring him far. He's really smart, I cam sense.

  12. I havent watch the movie, but as for me, I love Nat Geo, and your article is really interesting indeed! I've heard so many things about life on Mars, and I know it's kind of a dream for many people, but I bet there are a lot of studies and improvements to be made before sending anyone there!


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